Product Focus - January 2022

Product Focus - January 2022

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Chemical Grout

1 // Avanti International injection grouts
Infiltration enters underground systems every day through defects or faulty joints in manholes, causing system capacity issues, overload at treatment plants and possible injury to the community. Avanti International injection grouts have historically proven to be an economic and long-term solution to combatting infiltration entering all areas of a collections system, including manholes. Injection grouts are engineered to stop leaks, stabilize soil and control groundwater, and can be used in precast barrel joints, brick and concrete masonry units, pipe penetrations, vertical or horizontal cracks, void fill and pinholes. Each technique enables the technician to stop several leaks at once and helps to extend the life of the structure. 800-877-2570;


2 // Infrastructure Repair Systems Infragard 
Infragard concrete and manhole rehabilitation products from Infrastructure Repair Systems include Top Coat and Chim-Coat, which are nonhazardous ambient-cure epoxy systems for a small patch, entire manhole or retaining wall. This cost-effective solution requires no expensive equipment, as it has an easy trowel-on application. They are corrosion resistant and high strength, with an impermeable structural bond to the substrate or to almost any concrete or metal surface. Chim-Coat is engineered with a flexible feature that maintains adhesion while expanding or contracting with changing temperatures and traffic loads. 877-327-4216;

3 // Picote Solutions Dual-Color Epoxy Brush Coating System
The Dual-Color Epoxy Brush Coating System from Picote Solutions allows technicians to rehabilitate pipes from 1.25 to 12 inches for drains, sewers, water pipes, electrical conduits and heat and air-conditioning ducts by brush-casting a coating. The coating resin forms a pipe inside the original pipe that is tested, safe and environmentally friendly. The new pipe is damp-proof, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. It is ASTM and NSF certified (NSF/ANSI 61-5). It is a 100% solids epoxy, and the method allows for clear visual verification during the application process. Apply to small areas or all drains in multistory buildings. The system is practical and easily fits in tight places. 219-440-1404;

4 // Source One Environmental Quadex Structure Guard Epoxy
Quadex Structure Guard, distributed by Source One Environmental, is a high-build epoxy coating formulated to provide long-term corrosion protection and structural enhancement for manholes, pump stations, treatment plants or any wastewater infrastructure subject to high levels of corrosion and/or abrasion to include both municipal and industrial applications. It is also suitable for invert repairs. It can be trowel and/or spray applied, and is a 100% solids material with no VOCs and a fast set time. 877-450-3701;

Leak Location

5 // Hurco Technologies Power Smoker 2 
The Power Smoker 2 from Hurco Technologies quickly locates leaks in new and existing plumbing systems. The machine is connected to a clean-out, and smoke is sent through the system to reveal any problem areas. The system uses LiquiSmoke, a laboratory-tested safe smoke that costs cents per minute to use and has an indefinite shelf life. When the test is complete, the smoke dissipates without leaving an odor or residue. 800-888-1436;

6 // WinCan Manhole Module
The WinCan Manhole Module simplifies MACP 7 data entry and guides the user through the manhole data collection process. Templates for standard manholes help save time and speed up data entry. The software reduces the complexity of MACP’s numerous field entry requirements to a few simple steps. It also provides a dynamic graphic of the manhole data entered, allowing the user to visualize data for assessment and rehab planning. The user can see additional inlets and outlets, and even changes in the dimensions of manhole components. Plus, WinCan Validator confirms that both imported legacy data and newly entered manhole data are MACP 7 certified before export. Once an inspection is complete, customized reports with detailed visuals and photos ensure that deliverables are professional and easy to navigate. 877-626-8386;

Manhole Cameras

The SPiDER scanner from CUES is wireless, color manhole inspection technology in a lightweight and compact form. It is operated with a tablet computer that controls the scanners and lights. It does not require a truck or data/power cable for operational use. Scanning data is recorded on the unit. It collects millions of 3D points during each manhole scan that provides engineering and survey-quality information about manhole geometry and condition. Information gathered can be used for structural assessment, pre- and post-rehabilitation analysis, hydrological surveys, and general condition assessment. It provides a 190-degree field-of-view live video stream, an ideal tool for I&I studies which depend on live video to detect moving water. 800-327-7791;

8 // Envirosight CleverScan
CleverScan, a manhole scanner from Envirosight, performs a comprehensive, fully automated assessment of manhole condition in just two to three minutes. It captures visual and dimensional data, and presents the user with a flat scan with detailed image data covering every inch of the manhole wall, a dense point cloud for 3D visualization of the manhole structure and easy CAD integration, and a virtual view inside the manhole, where an operator can pan, tilt and zoom to areas of interest. It sits over an open manhole. With the press of a button, the system’s probe descends into the manhole, capturing image data using five HD cameras and building a dimensional profile using an array of four lasers. An onboard rangefinder controls descent and determines when the scan is complete. Scan data is immediately transferred to a laptop running CleverScan software, where it can be viewed, annotated and shared. 866-936-8476;

9 // RapidView IBAK North America PANORAMO SI
The PANORAMO SI manhole inspection system from RapidView IBAK North America offers 100% coverage, inspection speeds of up to 14 inches per second, geometric measurements from any point inside the manhole, laser depth measurement and 225 feet of cable. It can be operated in manholes 10-inch diameter and up. The software allows the user to view the manhole from any angle and at any position, creating a virtual-reality-style view of the manhole. This file can be viewed from any computer, any time. The system also automatically generates a 3D model of the inside of the manhole that can be rotated, viewed, measured or output to a CAD file for further analysis. The system can be an addition to a PANORAMO mainline inspection system or is available in a stand-alone version. It allows a crew to inspect more than 50 manholes per workday. 800-656-4225;

Manhole Liners

10 // Perma-Liner Industries Extreme Cold 4:1 Resin
Extreme Cold 4:1 Resin from Perma-Liner Industries provides customers with a lower viscosity product when used in colder temperatures and more stability during transportation. This epoxy resin comes in 40-pound buckets consisting of A resin and B hardener sold separately, and is a complement for ambient curing in temperatures 50 degrees F and lower. The 4-1 mixture is a styrene-free epoxy resin used for mainlines, laterals and verticals in extremely cold conditions. It has a 15-minute pot life, a 30-minute work time in 50 to below 30 degrees, cure times ranging from 1.5 to 4 hours, and it exceeds ASTM F1216 standards. 866-336-2568;

11 // Sprayroq SprayWall
SprayWall from Sprayroq is a rigid polyurethane material that provides structural integrity and infiltration control to underground infrastructure assets. It is a 2-1 ratio product that is applied via a heated, plural component spray system. It begins to gel in about eight seconds and is tack-free after two minutes. Within 30 to 60 minutes, the initial cure is complete and the structure is capable of accepting flow. The benefits include its structural capacity, which provides for protection against multiple load components within an underground asset including water, soil and traffic loads. In addition, it allows an asset owner to return a structure to service quickly, creating a huge savings on bypass cost, as well as decreasing the overall downtime for a given structure. It is also third-party tested and most recently has undergone significant successful evaluations through AASHTO. 205-957-0020;

12 // The Strong Company Strong-Seal SYSTEM
Strong-Seal MS-2A and MS-2C from The Strong Company are designed to rehabilitate municipal concrete and masonry structures, and effectively stop inflow, infiltration and exfiltration. When spray-applied to a minimum of a 1/2-inch thickness, the cementitious mortars are impervious monolithic liners with compressive and flexural strengths exceeding that of the original structure. Made with Portland cement, MS-2A is the most cost-effective solution for stopping infiltration and restoring structural integrity. MS-2C provides high early strengths and added corrosion protection in mild sulfide environments. High Performance Mix is a pure-fused calcium aluminate mortar that stops infiltration, restores structural integrity, and protects against microbiologically induced corrosion in sanitary sewer systems with harsh sulfide conditions. 800-982-8009;

Manhole Parts and Components

13 // Cherne Air-Loc Bladder Style Manhole Testers
Cherne Air-Loc Bladder Style Manhole Testers provide an efficient, cost-effective method of testing new, existing and rehabilitated manholes, per ASTM C 1244. The testers, supported by an aluminum brace, seal the inside diameter of the manhole at the frame or core. The pushpin rod design enables easy depth adjustment. The remote inflation and monitoring system keeps users away from the danger zone. They are available in 10 variations. 800-321-9532;

14 // Enz USA Bulldog Manhole Nozzle
The Bulldog Manhole Nozzle from Enz USA was designed to clean lift stations and vertical pipes. Using a high-pressure surface cleaning gun to remove hardened grease and debris that accumulates on lift station walls is a messy job. Removing the debris and disposing of it adds additional time and effort. This nozzle eliminates the disposal process by emulsifying the grease, allowing operators to pump the resulting wastewater to a sewage treatment plant. A job that could take hours to do can now be done in 20 or 30 minutes. Additional advantages of this nozzle include no water loss from leaks and no required maintenance. 888-369-8721;

15 // Prime Resins Soakum Oakum Kit
The Soakum Oakum Kit from Prime Resins is composed of a dry oakum soaked in a hydrophilic polymer solution. When wet and either packed or worked into a joint or crack, the resin will foam to form a flexible and tight joint to stop groundwater infiltration. It reacts with water and becomes a watertight rubber-like composite. The oakum cord gives strength and density to the composite, and makes the application of the resin easier, especially when gushers are present. 800-321-7212;

16 // RELINER/Duran Manhole Invert Channel
Improve manhole hydraulics with RELINER/Duran Modular Manhole Invert Channels. Molded fiberglass flumes with smooth sewer pipe interfaces are used to rehabilitate inverts without flow interruption and can be used for new construction. The field-installed modular components bolt together inside the manhole and serve as the form for a new concrete bench. The channels eliminate the inconsistencies associated with field-formed concrete channels. The full-depth lined channels are high flow and easy to clean and maintain. Standard 8- and 12-inch depth channel sections fit through a 24-inch manhole frame and will accommodate 6- through 12-inch pipes. Larger sizes are available. 800-508-6001;


17 // Sealing Systems Flex-Seal 2.0
Flex-Seal 2.0 all-purpose sealant from Sealing Systems adheres to many surfaces and has over 800% elongation. It is designed to prevent inflow and infiltration and to provide corrosion protection at the grade adjustment ring section or joint section of manholes and catch basins. It is 100% safe and Prop 65 compliant. The internal seal is manually applied using a paintbrush and the kit is designed to cover 12 vertical inches on a 27-inch manhole. 800-478-2054; 


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