Product Spotlight - January 2021

Product Spotlight - January 2021

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Using a flexible centering device with a cleaning nozzle can save a drain cleaner major time and frustration. The devices make it easier to traverse curved and broken pipe, all while delivering a maximized cleaning spread from the centered design.

For years, Arthur Products has offered one of the industry’s most popular centering devices with its Cnt-r-KUT line. With the aim of making the product even more versatile, the company decided to tackle even tighter pipe bends with the redesigned Cnt-r-KUT2. According to Arthur Products chief engineer Richard Rauckhorst, the device is an answer to very difficult what-if situations.

“Typically you aren’t going to face many jobs with bend radiuses tight enough that our traditional centering device can’t get through, but there’s always that one job where it doesn’t work,” he says. “That is the what-if situation this product eliminates.”

The Cnt-r-KUT2 has a stainless steel body that is now integrated with the sewer hose, eliminating the lengthy barred section at the hose connection point. This redesign, along with the flexible guide vanes, results in a centered nozzle assembly that has an amazing bend radius. It is available in three versions: the BMAX2, which is an ideal starter kit and includes three nozzles to penetrate and flush out blockages; the EMAX2, which is an interchangeable cutter nozzle to clear roots and debris; and the THMAX2, which is a tow hook nozzle that applies 100% power with forward, lateral and rear-facing jet action.

“It certainly wasn’t our intent to reinvent the wheel with this product, but we feel that you should always be trying to make improvements, no matter how effective your product is,” Rauckhorst says. “Because the nozzle is more compact without the barred section, it works better in confined spaces where room to work is at a premium.”

The Cnt-r-KUT centering devices can be modified for custom applications. They help operators tackle tough jobs, including when using drain cleaning nozzles in those tight spaces in damaged sewers. According to Rauckhorst, drain cleaners can expect to achieve maximum cleaning spread in drains and other pipes.

“Our customers are excited that we are making a quality product even better,” he says. “It’s our goal to make their jobs easier.” 



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