Case Study - January 2021

Case Study - January 2021

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Internal joint seal used to replace hole in water supply pipe

Problem / While working along the U.S.-Mexico border, a contractor damaged a pipeline while drilling into the ground. The drilling caused an 11-inch hole in the pipe that supplied water from the U.S. to Mexico.

Solution Miller Pipeline was called to install WEKO-SEALs, its internal joint seal. Once on site, the team conducted their usual safety assessment of the area for precautions they would need to take. As the technicians made their way into the 72-inch pipe, they smoothed the damage inside to ensure the steel-backing band would fit correctly. After fitting the rubber sleeve into place, the technicians secured two 72-inch seals, which expanded to provide a bottle-tight fit. Once they seals were in place the technicians moved to patch the external hole. In order to repair this area, the technicians applied a concrete mortar around the pipe.

Result / Within a week of getting the call, the team had sealed another pipeline, potentially saving many communities from suffering without water. 



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