Quick, On-Site CIPP Training With Internal Pipe Technologies

IPT utilizes digitalized training and technology to make it easier to get new CIPP crews up to speed

Quick, On-Site CIPP Training With Internal Pipe Technologies

 A crew preps an IPT liner on a CIPP job. The QR code label on the liner carries liner specifications, testing data, resin formulas and mix ratios. 

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Internal Pipe Technologies is a relatively new company, but its management is an experienced team with a drive to continually innovate and provide the small-diameter pipeline rehabilitation industry with new products and technology that make the job easier and more profitable.

One of the key features IPT developed for its CIPP lining material is a QR-based system that connects the technician who is installing the lining product with an online database that carries specifications, testing data and all mix ratios as well as resin formulas for all diameters and footage. 

Cleaner recently spoke with IPT President and CEO Cameron Manners about the company’s product offerings and QR-based training.

Cleaner: Tell us a little about the history of Internal Pipe Technologies.

Manners: There is a deep-rooted history and knowledge of the trenchless industry when you look at the Internal Pipe Technologies organization. I started IPT nearly 25 years to the date of when I first founded one of the leading CIPP lining companies. Having said that, my business partner and I were not happy with where that industry was heading, which is why we have now launched Internal Pipe Technologies.

Combined, we have more than 55 years’ experience in the plumbing and cured-in-place pipe lining industry and proudly manufacture our pipe lining material and resins in the U.S. 

Cleaner: What differentiates your CIPP and epoxy products from the competition?

Manners: Not only are our products tested to exceed industry and code requirements, many aspects of our technology have been digitalized to drive installation quality control to make it easier for business owners to multiply their crews with minimal training.

We do this by controlling many data points through our equipment. Our QR-based training allows data to immediately be accessed by technicians as well as sales staff. Specifically, our CIPP lining products have logos with QR codes that carry liner specifications, testing data and all mix ratios as well as resin formulas for all diameters and footage for liners.

Cleaner: What sort of needs do these products address?

Manners: The hardest thing a contractor faces is growing crews and training new technicians. Our programs simplify this process by taking the necessary knowledge and making it available on site. Our training programs include live on-site video training with technicians when they need it the most. Unlike other suppliers, we are not strictly online learning, which would require technicians to retain information over a long education process or an app that does not have all the data readily available. Most companies will give what we call “parking lot” training, which teaches technicians how to apply a liner in a parking lot. With our video on-site training we can be on site with technicians when they need it the most, right when the decision is being made. The best part is you don’t have to send technicians to the other side of the country for training.

In addition to our CIPP lining material and on-site training, we also have Aquapea that we have brought into North America. This is a game-changer when it comes to waterlines. We can literally seal pinhole leaks in 10 minutes without excavation. This is a technology I’m very excited about and is gaining traction here quickly.

Cleaner: What are some recommendations for customers shopping for pipeline repair systems?

Manners: Make sure the products or technologies have the required code listing. They should not just meet a standard or some other test but meet the specific code. Also educate yourself on what specific standards your product must meet and how that applies to the code. Immerse yourself in the technology.

Cleaner: How do you see the drain cleaning industry evolving?

Manners: It is an exciting time for the drain industry and it is changing rapidly. IPT will take part in this by driving technology through our Gator Drain Tools division that will be launching many new technologies in 2021. High speed cleaning is a great technology that the founders of IPT have been utilizing since 2004 and were the first in the world to utilize flex shafts to clean pipe.

Cleaner: Tell us about the Spartan Legionella detection system.

Manners: With COVID happening and many people working from home, buildings have been left empty and as in all cases when you do not use infrastructure, many parts can break down and have the possibility to cause viral outbreaks of things like Legionella. Legionella cases have skyrocketed in the last few years and the need to diagnose as well as isolate specific areas will be paramount in the next few years. By utilizing a Spartan Cube, a contractor can not only do in-field testing and have results in 45 minutes but they can actually use this technology to do multiple tests at various locations to isolate and validate a specific section that is releasing the Legionella bacteria.

Cleaner: What’s new for IPT in 2020? What can customers expect out of IPT in the future?

Manners: Technology, technology and technology. Our plan is to change the drain business worldwide. Our new approach to this industry will change the way business owners conduct business. Through our R&D division we will be launching new technology and products throughout the new year. In addition to this, IPT will also be in the UV space in early 2021. We will grow the “premise plumbing” awareness in our industry and bring it into the forefront of our market with new pressure pipe rehabilitation and a new approach to drain lining.

Cleaner: What do you want your customers to think of when they hear the name IPT?

Manners: Technology and profits. For our customer base we want to get technology into their hands so that they can diversify into other areas, not just drain cleaning and pipe lining. We want to open their eyes to all of the great opportunities right in front of them. 


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