Product Spotlight - December 2020

Product Spotlight - December 2020

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Sewer inspection cameras aren’t made to fall off the truck. But every maintenance technician has seen it happen. Not only is the contractor out thousands of dollars in repair costs, the downtime means additional money out of the pocket. But the GP Sewer Cam is made to be dropped — and company owner Jason Balcon has years of heavy-use beta testing results to back it. 

“The crew using the prototype unit since 2016 has never once had to take it out of service, despite using it in terrible environments,” he says. “That original unit is still pulled out and used every day. Those guys swear by it.” 

The heart of the jet-powered system is its durable and simple-to-use GoPro Hero 7 Black camera. Not only is GoPro camera technology affordable, its durability guarantee has made it the go-to camera to document extreme sports, where it takes a physical beating. Those operational advantages of being “built to be dropped” and bounced around make it a no-brainer for the toolbox of a jetting truck or trailer. Not only is there no downtime with the durable system, the absolute worst-case scenario to replace any part, or the entire camera, is 48 hours. The training needed to use the system is also practically nonexistent. 

“Anyone can be trained to use this system to complete inspections in a matter of minutes,” Balcon says. “It’s perfect for the worker in the field to use by himself for quick and rapid results to spot check lines for various problems. That single worker can then inform the supervisor to decide whether a full inspection needs to be done. That in turn saves time and money by not having to bring a large inspection truck out.” 

The skid unit is compatible with 6- to 18-inch pipe, and is constructed from Type 304 stainless steel. Custom skids are available for larger pipe. GP Sewer Cam has teamed up with Arthur Products so every GP Sewer Cam comes with a custom-drilled (to buyer’s jetting specs) nozzle. The unit is 4 1/2 pounds, has three screws, one moving part, is completely made in the USA, and is priced to avoid the red tape. 

“This camera is at a price point that lets you simply swipe your credit card without having to get an approval,” Balcon says. “This answers the call simply and easily. It’s a product totally built for the tech in the field.” 310-774-9468;


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