Case Studies - December 2020

Case Studies - December 2020

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Lining system used to fix root-infested sewer pipe

Problem / Mr. Rooter of Western Washington was called to help fix a root-infested sewer pipe on a nearly 100-year-old, two-family home in Seattle. The root infestation caused breaks in the lateral pipe and sewer backups in the basement. The multidiameter lateral, consisting of 4-inch cast iron for the first one-third of the pipe and 6-inch clay for the remainder, was approximately 85 feet from the basement clean-out to the city sewer main.

Solution / A tailored, 4- to 6-inch polyester Transition Scrim Liner from Paramount Pipe Lining Products was used because it creates a smooth, seamless transition in pipes with multiple diameters. The five-step process involved removing roots from the pipe, mixing the epoxy, wetting out the liner, using air pressure to insert the liner into the pipe, and using a hot-water curing process. The liner was cured in less than two hours using the Hornet hot-water curing system.

Result / The entire sewer line from the basement out to the city sewer was effectively relined, forming a watertight barrier impenetrable by root intrusions. In less than two hours, the cracked and defective pipes were like new and 100% flow capacity was restored. “It’s important for homeowners to understand they have options to tearing up their landscape when it comes to fixing their deteriorated pipes,” says Vinnie Sposari, owner of Mr. Rooter of Western Washington. 833-663-2477;

Manufacturer customizes jetting unit to customer specs

Problem / A drain cleaning and plumbing contractor in New York City wanted to run a 4,000 psi, 18 gpm, 300-gallon US Jetting unit inside a Sprinter van with the side doors closed for security. The first problem was how to keep the 50 hp water-cooled engine from overheating. They also needed to fit the 300-gallon tank in when the back doors were not wide enough for it to pass through.

Solution / Engineers at US Jetting installed fans in the roof of the van to extract the hot air and installed vents in the doors. They also installed a heat exchanger to cool the radiator water with the water going to the jetting pump. To fit the tank, they went through the side doors and positioned the tank over the rear wheels. The reel and controls extend beyond the back door on a power pullout.

Result / US Jetting was able to complete the project, and the contractor was satisfied with the result. The unit continues to perform admirably for the contractor. 800-538-8464; 


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