Product Spotlight - November 2020

Product Spotlight - November 2020

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Sewer cleaning contractors have long relied on the use of multiple nozzles to descale lines and clear blockages. Retracting the hose and changing nozzles during descaling can be time consuming.

After extensive engineering and testing, Warthog Nozzles by StoneAge developed the Switcher nozzle to reduce that inefficiency. The Warthog Magnum Switcher was designed to allow operators the ability to descale and power through blockages with one multifunctional nozzle. The Magnum Switcher head contains two sets of nozzles, angled for pulling/flushing or descaling/cleaning that can be switched while in the sewer line.

“The operator can go back and forth between pulling/flushing and descaling/cleaning while the tool is in the line by simply turning the pump off and then back on and up to full pressure again,” says Anne Brennan, dealer manager at Warthog. “This redirects the water to the required ports for the specific function.”

The Switcher can be used with pressure ranges from 1,200 to 8,000 psi and a flow range of 14 to 100 gpm and accepts inlet sizes from 1/2 to 1 1/4 inch. This versatile design is available in four industry-specific patents to handle an array of jobs. “Steep inclines or long runs are easily handled, and larger amounts of debris can be flushed when the pulling/flushing jets are engaged,” Brennan says. The Switcher uses the power of water to clear obstructions and clean any kind of debris in the pipe, from roots to grease and hard deposits.

Built with lower-cost productivity in mind, using one nozzle for multiple applications can decrease operational expenses by conserving water, equaling fewer runs to refill water tanks and, in turn, lower fuel consumption. It also saves the time it would normally take to exchange nozzles for various applications on the job site. The Switcher is completely rebuildable and easily maintained in the field, reducing downtime associated with offsite maintenance. Operators using this technology have indicated a huge value in the ease of getting the Switcher though an obstruction with the thrusting jets engaged and being able to clean the pipe wall thoroughly when using the descaling jets.

“For me, it’s the versatility,” says Jason Demartini of Vallejo Sanitation in California. “It has the ability to cut roots in cleaning mode without blowing up toilets. It’s also important that it climbs hills effectively. It’s revolutionary. There is no other product on the market today that will switch like that.” 866-795-1586;


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