Case Study - June 2020

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Push camera and roller skid save time and money

Problem / By the time Mack Plumbing showed up on a rural Ohio job, the customer was stressed because a sewer pipe was backing up. No amount of plunging by the customer had helped. A plug in the pipe leading to the septic tank was easily accessible in the basement. Once removed, several buckets were used to collect sewage. Even then, strong flashlights could not show the problem. 

Solution / A Mack technician installed the CPI Products / Cavallero Plastics Trapmaster to get a 1.5-inch push camera into the 4-inch pipe and was able to pass by the remaining debris to view the blockage and determine exactly where it was. It turned out to be the last remaining section of a more than 30-year-old asphalt-coated paper pipe that had collapsed. The technician was able to pinpoint the location, and the collapsed section was easily accessed. This saved time compared to the alternative of digging up the entire pipeline.

Result / The repair was completed quickly, and the customer has a proper line all the way to the septic tank. 413-443-0925; 


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