Product News - March 2020

General Pipe Cleaners JM-1000 Mini-Jet
General Pipe Cleaners/General Wire Spring’s portable JM-1000 Mini-Jet has a new, high-performance stainless steel braid jet hose that offers drain cleaning power and performance in a small package. The JM-1000 Mini-Jet is available with stainless steel braid/Teflon core hoses in a variety of lengths. It has 1,500 psi of cleaning power in a compact package, yet weighs only 23 pounds. The stainless steel braid hose design slides the jet nozzle down 1.5- to 3-inch drainlines and more easily navigates tight bends. The 3/16-inch Teflon core also reduces flow resistance, further improving small-line cleaning power. The standard package has a four-piece nozzle set, water supply hose, shut-off valve and universal faucet adapter. Safety features include a three-wire GFCI. 800-245-6200;

Avanti International hydrophobic grouts
Avanti International’s hydrophobic grouts are available in new, easy-to-use dual cartridges: AV-248-LV Flexseal LV with AV-249-LV Flexseal Cat LV, AV-275 Soilgrout with AV-276 Soilcat and AV-290 Fast-Set. These products are used to permanently stop leaks, stabilize soils and control groundwater. The catalyzed AV-248-LV and the AV-275 Soilgrout are a moisture-activated, MDI-based polyurethane resins. The AV-248-LV resin is designed to seal active and potential water leaks in various cracks and annular spaces where flexibility is needed but is susceptible to wet/dry cycles. The AV-275 is designed to bind together and waterproof loose granular soils. And the AV-290 is a midrange viscosity, dual-component, hydrophobic MDI-based polyurethane resin designed to fill large voids on the exterior of below-grade structures where high-water flow is present. 800-877-2570;


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