Product Focus - February 2020

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Business Software

1 / Ritam Technologies Summit Proof! Mobility
Summit Proof! Mobility from Ritam Technologies offers “basic” access for critical job information or “enhanced” access for viewing history and completing jobs with mobile payment processing. Access type can be set for technicians independently. Graphic icons make field usage simple. Instant messaging (text or email) provides notifications to customers when running late, when the job is completed or when difficulties occur. Status updates are intuitive at a glance. Schedules are shown as color-coded route trail maps. Jobs have status indicators: completed, in progress, pending and rescheduled. The customer Proof! web portal is included, with secure logins for customers viewing their own service history and messages. 800-662-8471;

2 / ServiceCore software
ServiceCore software is a QuickBooks-compatible, all-in-one software solution custom-built for companies in the liquid waste industry. Through route optimization, scheduling, customer management, accounting and other fundamental features, it is designed to help companies better manage their schedules, customers and inventory. 844-336-0611;

Dispatch System

3 / My Service Depot Smart Service
The Smart Service software system from My Service Depot functions as a direct add-on to QuickBooks, adding scheduling, dispatching, invoicing and customer management. It offers real-time integration with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Online, allowing users to schedule and dispatch work to their customer base using their preferred QuickBooks platform. It empowers field service companies to streamline their operations. When a customer calls, an office dispatcher will create a job in the scheduler, filling in job notes and assigning the work to a field technician. That information gets sent out electronically to the corresponding technician’s phone or tablet. When that tech arrives at the customer’s location, they’ll build a digital work order, collect a customer signature and send the completed paperwork back to the office for invoicing. 888-518-0818;

Fleet Management

4 / NexTraq software
NexTraq software provides driver assignments that keep track of who is driving a vehicle on any given day. It can help optimize daily planning, help drivers accomplish more during the day, and provide fleet tracking to find the location of a single vehicle or the entire fleet. Mapping and geofence service creates locations and zones with simplified 32-point geofencing. Sensors and asset tracking allow operators to know when a driver uses a lift or an asset has been moved. Behavior tracking can help correct poor driver habits with tools available to coach the team. It also helps automate maintenance schedules and gives alerts when repairs are due. Driver accountability can be increased with external- and internal-facing cameras. It can also help simplify electronic logging device compliance, operations and fuel management. 888-251-6401;

Inspection/Mapping Software

5 / CUES GraniteNet 
GraniteNet from CUES is a next-generation condition assessment software for the public works industry. It is asset based, which enables it to easily interface with other asset-based software products such as Esri ArcGIS mapping systems and asset management systems including Cityworks, Infor, IBM Maximo and others. Intuitive and easy to use, data and video can be accessed via a web portal. 800-327-7791;

6 / POSM Software
POSM Software comes preloaded with an accurate and robust solution that addresses cross bores in a way that reduces risk, maximizes accuracy and verifies actions. The management tools, combined with best practices, help minimize potential issues with cross bores. Tools include a bore card data manager, where POSM Software can import a scan of the handwritten bore card and allow the user to input this data into a searchable database. At the same time, the user can link each inspection associated to this bore card. The user simply opens the manager and fills out the fields. A location marker for GPS maps marks cross-bore locations during a pipeline inspection that makes it easy to review and plan a proper follow-up. Multiple file attachments to the same location means everything tagged as important stays attached for reference and review with the cross-bore data. 859-274-0041;

7 / WinCan software
Maintaining sewers starts with understanding sewer condition, and WinCan makes it easy to collect detailed, standards-compliant inspection data. It identifies trends, pinpoints hot spots, prioritizes maintenance and lets the user forecast budgets. It can integrate with the GIS mapping systems and includes its own mapping tools for increased capabilities. It is compatible with all brands of sewer inspection technology, including crawlers, zoom cameras and push cameras, as well as all major applications of side-scanning, laser profiling, manhole scanning and other emerging technologies. It also integrates with multiple municipal asset management applications. Its modular design allows the user to expand capabilities as needs evolve. Add-on modules support emerging technologies like side scanning, laser, sonar and 3D visualization. 877-626-8386;


8 / ClearPathGPS Owlcam+
ClearPathGPS’s dash camera solution from Owlcam+ detects impact or broken glass events when a vehicle is off. Because there’s no SD card, there’s no way to tamper with the footage. Video captured is seamlessly linked to GPS tracking data and provides two forms of evidence in the event of a claim. Twenty-second video clips can be requested from within the portal and stored in the media manager for 30 days or downloaded locally for sharing/storing. Event snapshots can be sent by the driver to the portal by saying, “OK, Presto” and can immediately be viewed remotely by the fleet manager. Its 4G LTE connectivity means cloud upload of critical clips and remote viewing is possible even when the vehicle is off. 888-734-0384;

9 / Quartix vehicle tracking system 
The Quartix vehicle tracking system helps a wide range of businesses improve productivity, cut costs and save on fuel every day. Providing commercial fleet tracking for trucks, coaches, vans and cars throughout the U.S., U.K. and France, the system offers a host of features for fleet managers. It helps analyze data, generating simple-to-use reports that can be accessed online. Live tracking, driver time sheets, geofencing and management dashboards allow managers to easily see where efficiencies can be made. Driver League Tables and individual driver reports help to assess driving style, which if improved can save businesses up to 25% in fuel consumption, as well as positively impact the safety of road users. It offers tiered packages to help businesses identify their best drivers, make sense of mileage and fuel costs, and reduce administrative tasks. 312-800-9882; 


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