Product Focus - January 2020

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Chemical Grout

1 / Avanti International AV-100 Chemical Grout
AV-100 Chemical Grout from Avanti International is an ultra-low-viscosity, chemically reactive gel that can permeate anywhere water can travel and has adjustable cure times from seconds to hours. When injected into soil, it creates an effective, long-lasting water barrier while providing soil stabilization. It is used to rehabilitate and sustain municipal sanitary sewer collections systems, eliminating infiltration in manholes, sanitary and storm sewer mainlines, joints and laterals, and various other underground structures by stabilizing external substrate. By eliminating infiltration, there is a reduction in excess flow to wastewater treatment plants, reduced treatment costs and an extension to the life expectancy of underground infrastructure. 800-877-2570;


2 / Infrastructure Repair Systems Infragard
Infragard concrete and manhole rehabilitation products from Infrastructure Repair Systems include Top Coat and Chim-Coat, which are nonhazardous ambient-cure epoxy systems for a small patch, entire manhole or retaining wall. This cost-effective solution requires no expensive equipment, as it has an easy trowel-on application. They are corrosion-resistant and high-strength, with an impermeable structural bond to the substrate or to almost any concrete or metal surface. Chim-Coat is engineered with a flexible feature that maintains adhesion while expanding or contracting with changing temperatures and traffic loads. 877-327-4216;

3 / Picote Solutions Dual-Color Epoxy Brush Coating System
The Dual-Color Epoxy Brush Coating System from Picote Solutions allows technicians to rehabilitate pipes from 1.25 to 12 inches for drains, sewers, water pipes, electrical conduits, and heat and air-conditioning ducts by brush casting a coating. The coating resin forms a pipe inside the original pipe that is a tested, safe and environmentally friendly product. The new pipe is dampproof, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and noncorrosive. It is ASTM and NSF certified (NSF/ANSI 61-5). It is a 100% solids epoxy, and the method allows for clear visual verification during the application process. Apply to small areas or all drains in multistory buildings. The system is practical and easily fits in tight places. 219-440-1404;

4 / Sauereisen SewerGard 210
The epoxy-based SewerGard 210 family of products from Sauereisen is designed to enhance corrosion resistance and extend the longevity of underground infrastructure such as manholes and lift stations. It is available in several variations to accommodate desired thickness and method of application. Spray and plural-component spray application is ideal for preventive measures in new construction and rehabilitation. 412-963-0303;


5 / Parson Environmental Products high-density polyethylene manhole inserts
High-density polyethylene manhole inserts from Parson Environmental Products can help eliminate surface water inflow along with unwanted hydrogen sulfide odors and are easy to use and maintain. They include a vented PVC canister that stores 20 pounds of either activated or catalytic carbon. The result is a product that traps and stores all of the unpleasant hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan odor molecules before they are released into the atmosphere. The only item that needs to be replaced periodically is the 20 pounds of carbon since it serves as the absorbent media that traps the odor molecules. One person can easily accomplish this. 800-356-9023;

Manhole Cameras

The SPiDER scanner from CUES can calculate its position in the manhole shaft by using its sensor data to measure its incremental motion instead of the payout cable. It weighs less than 30 pounds and can be hand-carried to easements or other previously difficult-to-access sites. This wireless portability is possible because the processing computer and battery supply are built into the scanner. It collects millions of 3D measurements during each manhole inspection, so the manhole can be measured to better than 5 mm accuracy. The point cloud can be used to evaluate the structural changes in a manhole before and after rehab. It also provides live-video stream and recorded MPG video, making it an ideal wireless tool for inflow and infiltration studies. 800-327-7791;

7 / Envirosight CleverScan
The CleverScan manhole scanner from Envirosight performs a comprehensive, fully automated assessment of manhole condition in two to three minutes. It captures visual and dimensional data, and it presents the user with a flat scan with detailed image data covering every inch of the manhole wall; a dense point cloud for 3D visualization of the manhole structure and easy CAD integration; and a virtual view inside the manhole, where an operator can pan, tilt and zoom to areas of interest. It sits over an open manhole. With the press of a button, the system’s probe descends into the manhole, capturing image data using five HD cameras and building a dimensional profile using an array of four lasers. An onboard rangefinder controls descent and determines when the scan is complete. Scan data is immediately transferred to a laptop running specialized software, where it can be viewed, annotated and shared. 866-936-8476;

8 / RapidView IBAK North America PANORAMO SI
The PANORAMO SI manhole inspection system from RapidView IBAK North America offers 100% coverage, inspection speeds of up to 14 inches per second, geometric measurements from any point inside the manhole, laser depth measurement, 225 feet of cable, and can be operated in manholes 10-inch-diameter and up. The software allows the user to view the manhole from any angle and at any position, creating a virtual-reality-style view of the manhole. This file can be viewed from any computer, anytime. The system also automatically generates a 3D model of the inside of the manhole that can be rotated, viewed, measured or output to a CAD file for further analysis. The system can be an addition to a PANORAMO mainline inspection system or is available in a stand-alone version. It allows a crew to inspect more than 50 manholes per workday. 800-656-4225;

Manhole Liners

9 / Applied Felts hybrid liners
Hybrid liners from Applied Felts combine fiberglass reinforcement with traditional felt liner material to provide strong, robust liners. These hybrid liners perform and install in the same manner as nonreinforced liners with the benefit of reduced thickness, delivering significant resin savings and ensuring a close fit and faster install. AquaCure RP, PS and PW fiberglass-reinforced liners provide superior physical and mechanical properties that meet or exceed ASTM and NSF 61 testing standards. Additionally, traditional felt liners come in a variety of coating options for polyurethane, polypropylene or polyethylene. 276-656-1904;

10 / CCI Pipeline Systems WrapidSeal Manhole Encapsulation System
The WrapidSeal Manhole Encapsulation System from CCI Pipeline Systems consists of an engineered primer and a wraparound, heat-shrinkable sleeve designed to seal joints and prevent groundwater from entering a collections system. This material has a high shrink membrane (70% stretch and 40% recovery) designed to shrink around any manhole profile. In addition, the high tensile strength accommodates structural movement, while the tough backing resists soil stress and provides suitable abrasion resistance. It can be used for new construction or for the rehabilitation of existing manholes to control infiltration through joints and prevent deterioration, thus eliminating costly maintenance repairs and the added expense of treating groundwater. 800-867-2772;

11 / LMK Technologies CIPMH
The CIPMH (cured-in-place manhole) solution from LMK Technologies is a one-piece, resin-saturated liner designed to reduce I&I and renew structural defects in a variety of manhole configurations and sizes, including barrel sections, as well as eccentric and concentric cones constructed of brick and mortar, precast, or cinder block. This one-size-fits-most, reinforced and stretchable liner is engineered to resist traffic loading and freeze-thaw cycles while creating a corrosion-resistant lining. Available for chimney or full-depth manhole rehabilitation projects, the ASTM F3033-compliant, vacuum-impregnated liner is pressed against the existing manhole by a pressurized bladder until the thermoset resins have cured ambiently, typically within two hours. 815-433-1275;

12 / The Strong Co. Strong-Seal MS-2A 
Strong-Seal MS-2A from The Strong Co. is a fiber-reinforced, spray-applied cementitious mortar. This product fills all voids and achieves a mechanical and chemical bond to the existing substrate. The results, when spray-applied to a minimum of 1/2-inch thickness, is an impervious monolithic liner with compressive and flexural strengths exceeding that of the original structure. It is made with Portland cement and is a cost-effective solution for stopping infiltration and restoring structural integrity. 800-982-8009;

Manhole Part and Component

13 / USB-USA Spin-Jet
The Spin-Jet from USB-USA is a self-centering, controlled rotating nozzle that is used for cleaning lift stations, barrels and manholes prior to rehabilitation. Available in two different versions, it has driving nozzles that rotate in a 360-degree horizontal plane only. This action eliminates the need to cover the manhole during operation, allowing for constant viewing of the cleaning process. Front jets thoroughly clean any grease, sludge or mud at the bottom. 844-285-5770;


14 / Cretex Specialty Products PRO-RING
The PRO-RING concrete-alternative manhole and catch basin grade adjustment system from Cretex Specialty Products is available in round, square and rectangular shapes. They are manufactured from expanded polypropylene, which is known for an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, durability, chemical resistance and long service life under harsh conditions. One man can install the system in just minutes to within a 1/4 inch of finished grade, and they are watertight. A 6-inch system weighs just 14 pounds and stands up to all kinds of physical abuse. The system can dramatically speed manhole installation and repair time, allowing sites to be opened, repaired and closed in one day, reducing overall costs from 20% to 30% based on conditions. Angle rings are available to match slopes, eliminating the need for mortar and shimming. 800-345-3764;

Safety Equipment

15 / Perma-Liner Industries Manhole Edge Protector
The Manhole Edge Protector from Perma-Liner Industries is made with a highly visible safety orange that helps identify the site and the open manhole, eliminating potential hazards. The 360-degree edge protection also eliminates the top-edge roller and top-wide tiger tail that can allow the cable to slip off the roller. The interior 3.5-inch flange holds back debris and any loose infrastructure from falling into the manhole. It is made with ABS 3/16 plastic, which is durable and withstands temperatures from 40 degrees below zero to 180 degrees F. The Manhole Edge Protector leaves the manhole completely open, providing accessibility and visibility while also protecting the camera and jetter lines. 866-336-2568;


16 / Sealing Systems Flex-Seal Utility Sealant
Flex-Seal Utility Sealant from Sealing Systems is a plural-component aromatic urethane with 800% elongation and a tensile strength of 3,200 psi. It is designed to prevent I&I and to provide corrosion protection at the grade adjustment ring section or joint section. It provides an ideal seal and will pass a vacuum test according to ASTM standards. The internal seal is manually applied using a paintbrush, and the kit is designed to cover 12 vertical inches on a 27-inch-diameter manhole. 800-478-2054;


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