Wireless Nozzle Provides Immediate Assessment

Wireless Nozzle Provides Immediate Assessment

Wireless nozzle provides immediate assessment

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With time and storage space increasingly limited, sewer inspection and jetting technicians are always looking to do more with less. A new accessory for sewer jetting trucks from Envirosight does just that, capturing high-definition footage of pipe condition for immediate assessment.

The wireless Jetscan high-definition video nozzle improves on the first generation of the Jetscan, which provides operators a simple method to assess pipe condition and verify proper cleaning without calling in a CCTV truck. Now, Jetscan is wireless, capable of streaming HD video footage straight to a tablet upon removal from a manhole. The footage can be imported wirelessly or via a USB connection. It provides an inexpensive method to assess pipe condition and cleaning success, eliminating repeated callouts and wasted resources.

“It has a paired tablet app, so video can be streamed directly to a tablet for viewing and annotating as soon as the Jetscan is removed from a manhole,” explains Jake Wells, marketing director for Envirosight. “The app also connects online to WinCan Web, so footage can be shared rapidly and securely on the cloud. Beyond that, Jetscan recharges wirelessly and can be adapted to various line sizes using different size nozzle sleds that can be interchanged without tools.”

This second-generation Jetscan provides the efficiency and optimization of the previous unit with new features for greater ease of use and efficiency. Tool-free sleds of varying sizes make it easy to deploy it in a variety of line sizes. Wireless charging eliminates plugs and removable batteries. Also, an app-based tablet interface makes it simple to view and annotate footage.

“Our main goals were to make this Jetscan wireless, tool-free and cloud-connected. Jetter truck operators want tools that are easy, quick and portable,” Wells says. “A lot of development resources went into making the video streaming robust; building an app that allowed easy viewing, annotation and cloud upload; and packaging the design’s sophisticated electronics for deployment in a hostile sewer environment.”

According to Wells, several contractors familiar with the original model tested the new Jetscan HD in the field. The feedback has been encouraging.

“Everyone’s thrilled,” he says. “Development of the new Jetscan was guided heavily by customer feature requests, so our beta testers and early customers have been highly complimentary.” 866-936-8476; www.envirosight.com.


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