Portable Sectional Machine Offers Big Power

Portable Sectional Machine Offers Big Power

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Contractors understand that there is always a trade-off between sectional machine models. Now they don’t have to sacrifice power for portability with the RIDGID K-5208 sectional machine. According to the manufacturer, it’s the most powerful, most compact, easiest-to-service and cleanest drain cleaning machine they have produced.

“The RIDGID K-5208 sectional machine has been thoughtfully designed from top to bottom based on feedback from professional plumbers who demanded a more powerful and portable option,” says Wyatt Kilmartin, vice president and general manager, global underground technologies, RIDGID.

Weighing 35 percent less than the RIDGID K-1500 sectional machine, with a 71 percent smaller footprint, the K-5208 is built to cut through the toughest roots with a 3/4 hp motor and cable that can spin up to 700 rpm. Designed for drains 2 to 8 inches in diameter up to 200 feet, it offers a toolless clutch adjustment to quickly switch between 7/8- to 1 1/4-inch cable sizes. It comes with a new Trident sectional cable decoupler for disconnecting cables efficiently and cable feeder with guide tube for easy loading and unloading into an enclosed cable carrier. Infield clutch serviceability minimizes downtime, while a carrying handle allows for easy transport from truck to job site.

The unit is also designed to be durable during transport, keeping the electrical cord out of the way and securing the GFCI in place, both of which minimize the potential for damage. In setup mode, the unit’s cord management system keeps the cord off the ground while neatly wrapped around the handle. To remove, simply twist and pull the locking pin to release the clutch on the carry handle, allowing the whole cord to dump immediately. When done, the cord wraps up quickly and neatly in grooves, with the GFCI secured in front to create a compact package.

Designed with high-strength square steel tubing and rubber feet for enhanced stability, the K-5208 includes a fluid management system that incorporates a reservoir to catch fluid for later draining. The enclosed cable carrier and cable feeder also enhance cleanliness by reducing exposure of the cables on the job site. A locking pin ensures that the rear guide hose stays in place.

“This new machine is lighter and cleaner with go-everywhere power,” Kilmartin says. 800-769-7743; www.ridgid.com.


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