A suitcase jetter built for tough travel conditions

A suitcase jetter built for  tough travel conditions

No one can deny that plumbers and drain cleaners are hard on equipment. They typically get done with one job, toss their tools back in the van and then jet off to their next client. That means the tools they use need to be durable. The Crap Shooter 2 “The Deuce” HD sewer jetter from BullFrog Industries fits the bill.

The Crap Shooter 2 HD weighs less than 30 pounds and features a full 2,000 psi, 1.76 gpm running off a 15-amp circuit without losing any water pressure or any time searching for an adequate power outlet. It offers similar specifications to the company’s previous model, but it comes encased in a “nearly indestructible” polyethylene case, according to company founder Jason Coleman.

“We’ve had our suitcase jetters on the market for several years now, and the only complaint we’ve gotten is broken cases,” he says. “Well, now we have a new case that these guys won’t be able to break.”

While Coleman cautions “nothing is indestructible when it comes to cleaners and plumbers,” he has tested the case in several different destructive scenarios. “I’ve jumped on it and ran it over with the truck, and it came out just fine,” he says. “The case also protects the unit’s inlet and outlet from damage, and we’ve replaced many of the connections with stronger materials.” 

The unit comes with 75 feet of high-pressure hose with an upgraded quick connect that attaches to the unit, as well as two heavy-duty nozzles (the Flusher and Thruster). It is designed to handle up to 4-inch pipes. Two different faucet adapters allow the user to hook the unit up just about anywhere. All included fixtures and hoses can handle up to 120 degree F water temperatures. It has a 25-foot power cord with two-prong GFCI plug, along with a 25-foot expanding feed hose. The company has had the unit out for beta tests over the last year, and Coleman is enthused with the feedback.

“The new case is only about 2 inches taller and has the same footprint as our previous model,” he says. “It is just a bit heavier, but no one has noticed much of a difference there. We are very happy with the results.” 888-890-1555; www.flushafrog.com.


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