Get More Out of Your Inspection Data and Reports

Get More Out of Your Inspection Data and Reports

Get more out of your inspection data and reports

Camera inspections can provide a wealth of information to a drain cleaner. So much, in fact, that it can sometimes be difficult to organize it all. The ITpipes Web software program does that for you. 

The program is browser-based for simplified deployment and includes features for inspection data management, review, planning and scheduling. It provides quick inspection review access in the field and powerful reporting as needed. 

“The biggest benefit of ITpipes Web is it allows for easy organization,” says sales representative Cori Criss. “It very simply gets everyone in a company on the same page.” 

ITpipes Web has automated integration to GIS mapping, so reports instantly show up as color-coded assets. With unlimited drill-down filtering and querying on any data collected, new inspections sync automatically to provide instant reports, updating in real time as new inspections sync. With options for on-premise local hosting and fully managed SaaS, it provides access to inspections anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

“The software is compatible with laptops and tablets, and the app can be downloaded and used on any smartphone,” Criss says. “All collected information is synced on the web, so it is accessible from anyplace that has an internet connection.” 

ITpipes Web includes SmartTabs that provide comprehensive detailed reports in spreadsheet-like formats with unlimited, drill-down filtering and querying. Search, sort, and grouping tools quickly provide intelligent data displays for decision-making. With easy-to-use unlimited filtering, querying, and reporting, users can make informed decisions quickly in the field. And when combined with the company’s GIS Mapping add-on, searching, sorting, and grouping of tools can be done quickly to provide intelligent results that are mapped in real time. SmartTabs are automatically updated on Esri maps, which display constant location visuals for single inspections or your filters and queries. With integration to AMS/CMMS, the inspections are available where and when you need them. 

“This is going to be a great tool for inspection contractors and municipal agencies that want to keep everyone on the same page,” Criss says. “For larger companies with multiple arms, that is very important. That’s why we feel this is such a great fit in this market.” 877-487-4737;


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