Upgrading a Favorite Jetter

Upgrading a Favorite Jetter
The Hot Jet II drainline jetter from Hot Jet USA garnered plenty of attention on the WWETT Show floor this year. Among the new upgrades to the unit are a full diamond-plate premium powder-coat finish, an increased maximum output of 10 gpm at 3,850 psi, and a fully adjustable front hitch with a 2 5/16-inch ball or D-ring. (Photo courtesy of Hot Jet USA)

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The Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show is a showcase for new innovations. It also gives companies the opportunity to introduce upgrades and improvements to proven products. One of those — the Hot Jet II drainline jetter from Hot Jet USA — garnered plenty of attention on the show floor this year.

“The Hot Jet II is the product that we make especially for this crowd,” says Elle Eyre, a sales representative for Hot Jet USA. “It is our most popular model by far, but that hasn’t stopped us from making improvements every year.”  

Among the upgrades are a full diamond-plate premium powder-coat finish, diamond-plate fenders, an increased maximum output of 10 gpm at 3,850 psi, a fully adjustable hitch with a 2 5/16-inch ball or D-ring, LED lighting package, and a powered 2 hp reel with 100 feet of 3/8-inch hose for sanitary cleaning. The hose reel was lifted 12 inches for easier operator access, while the size of the antifreeze and soap tanks were increased to help keep the operator on the job longer.

“The goal was to make it more user-friendly,” says Eyre. “We increased tank capacity and changed the configuration on the reel to make sure the operator can work longer and more comfortably.”

The Hot Jet II includes many long-popular features as well, including a solid diamond-steel deck trailer available in multiple color options, two 3,500-pound tandem axles, a 35 hp Vanguard engine made by Toyota, 330-gallon water tank with fast-flow system, front and side lockable toolboxes, a custom-drilled nozzle kit, custom-drilled Warthog nozzle, strobe light, rear lighting, full solid-state remote control, premium jetter hose reel with variable speed and guide arm, 300 feet of Goodyear jetter hose, a lateral package to clean small drains up to 100 feet, rear throttle control, a full stainless steel enclosure, high-efficiency water heating system, and side and rear advertising signage options. It is also available with a satellite kit for jetting indoor drainlines.

“It’s a fully loaded package,” says Eyre. “For most in the drain cleaning or pumping industry, this is the ideal system for cleaning 3- to 12-inch lines.”

The hot water jetting option available on the Hot Jet II is an added benefit, as hot water can be used to more effectively degrease or deice drainlines. The heat also allows the unit to double as a power washer and reduce jetting time versus exclusively cold water systems.

“We still get a ton of great feedback on the Hot Jet II,” Eyre says. “It’s the unit that put us on the map in this industry.”

Eyre says the 2016 WWETT Show was a big success for the company as well, as they managed to sell every piece of equipment they brought right on the show floor. Eyre says the show also gives the company a great opportunity to get their name out in front of thousands of potential customers. Next year Hot Jet plans to continue to upgrade its current line of jetters, including a new engine option with electronic fuel injection. Eyre says the WWETT Show is a great opportunity to bounce ideas off customers and get feedback on what industry issues should be examined.

“This show is great because it gives people the chance to walk around and compare all the different jetters that are out there,” she says. “It lets people talk to all the industry players in one setting, and compare apples to apples. That’s great for the consumer.” 800/624-8186; www.hotjetusa.com.


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