Business Diversification – Septic Pumping, Plumbing

Business Diversification – Septic Pumping, Plumbing
Camera unit helps inspector locate weeping tiles

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Camera unit helps inspector locate weeping tiles

Problem: A home inspector was having a hard time inspecting clogged weeping tiles and sewer lines in an older house in Steinbach, Manitoba. He couldn’t properly access these areas to determine if there were tree roots, structural problems or buildup, and therefore couldn’t properly inform the homeowner on what was damaged or leaking, or how quickly he would be able to solve the problem.

Solution: Medit Inc. suggested using the VIPER sewer camera unit, with a 1-inch camera head, flexible push cable, color LCD monitor, image/video capture to a memory card, and a rechargeable battery for portability. The inspector was able to insert the camera into the drainlines and weeping tiles and see the live images on the monitor. He was able to see tree roots and measure out where he needed to dig to remove them and replace damaged sections. He was also able to capture images before and after the work to show the homeowner.    

Result: The homeowners were happy that the roots were removed with minimal effort and that they had documented images from before and after to prove there would be no additional leaking. The home inspector was able to charge extra for the video inspection and get a better idea of the exact problem and where it was located, saving time and money by not having to dig up the entire line. 800/239-9934;

Pathogen protection system designed for jet truck and CCTV operators

Problem: Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) became aware of new and dangerous pathogens found in wastewater in a new study published in m-Bio magazine by the American Society of Microbiologists. Sewer maintenance crews also expressed concern over growing reports of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses they may come in contact with and the potential health consequences for themselves, their families and citizens in
the community.

Solution: Utility management decided to employ the Vanguard Pathogen Protection System, which is designed to substantially reduce contaminants in sewage from reaching equipment operators. An independent environmental company was contracted to field test the system with a CSU crew during standard sewer maintenance operations. Cultures taken from the field showed a reduction of bacteria colony counts by up to 98 percent. The system is simple and convenient to use right from the operator control panel. It comes with a hand-held antibacterial spray gun with 50 feet of retractable hose to clean boots, gloves, crawlers, tools, vacuum tubes and the work area. OEM and retrofit systems for jet, combo and CCTV units are available.

Result: By taking a proactive stance for the health and safety of its team, CSU saw increased worker confidence and morale while working in a known hazardous environment. Reduction in worker sick days and insurance costs are currently being assessed. 800/781-3164;


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