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I'm always trying to think of new ways to deliver content that helps you and your businesses.

There’s a story in this month’s issue about a CIPP project at the historic federal building and U.S. District Courthouse in Sioux City, Iowa. It doesn’t really fit the profile of a Tough Job feature, but it demonstrates a good CIPP project, how the equipment works, and why it was the perfect solution in this instance.

I sometimes get locked into looking for stories to fill specific slots in Cleaner: contractor profiles, Tough Jobs, Tech Perspectives, etc. Sometimes it’s good to just step back and recognize good content, whether it fits one of those clearly defined slots or is simply a story that can provide a little insight into a process or service you may not have adopted yet. That’s the case here.

You’re all familiar on some level with CIPP pipe rehabilitation, but the Sioux City story provides a good background and overview of some of the capabilities, as well as a specific look at how it was used to avoid major expense and disruption on a sensitive project.

I hope you find the story helpful. If not, feel free to let me know. I always like getting calls and emails from readers. It lets me know that we’re connecting with you. Sometimes it lets me know we’re missing the mark. Either way, you’re the people in the field, using the tools and doing the work, so your perspective is extremely valuable to me.

To further that exchange, we recently relaunched our discussion board at It’s a forum for you to discuss the issues that matter to you. It’s another way for us to engage each other, to discuss the stories in Cleaner as well as your problems and successes in the field.

It’s going to take a little while to build up a robust library of questions and in-depth discussion, but we want this forum to be a resource for you. Just like our content is aimed at bringing you new perspectives and insights, the forum is a place for you to connect with your peers and get their thoughts and perspectives on the issues you’re facing. It could be anything from tricks for maintaining your jetter, to technical insight for planning a pipe bursting job, or tips for boosting your profitability.

You’ll find the recent Cleaner Forum posts right on the Cleaner homepage. Create a user name and join the discussion, or find the answer to your
own question.

I hope you check it out and use it as a resource.

Enjoy this month’s issue.


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