Plunger pump with two-piece manifold delivers high pressure and flow

Plunger pump with two-piece manifold delivers high pressure and flow
Plunger pump with two-piece manifold delivers high pressure and flow

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The Model 3550 high-pressure plunger pump from Cat Pumps is rated to 10 gpm at 6,000 psi with a pressure range of 100 to 6,000 psi. The pump is designed for equipment operating in high-duty cycle, remote or mobile applications such as hydroexcavating, waterjetting, waterblasting, surface preparation, tank cleaning and hydrostatic testing. The pump operates at 940 rpm and can be direct-driven hydraulically or pulley-driven from a motor or engine.

“You can adapt the pump to whatever power you have available,” says Chris Schuelke, product manager, Cat Pumps.

Features include completely lubricated and cooled V-packings and low-pressure seals with hard-chrome-plated forged brass inlet/discharge block manifolds. The wet end can be serviced without entering the crankcase (4.2 quart capacity).

“The chrome plating gives extra resistance against any kind of washout or abrasive that can get through there, or cavitation,” he says. “It extends the life of the manifold.”

The two-piece manifold also makes the pump easier to repair and maintain.

“A one-piece manifold can be very heavy,” Schuelke says. “It takes two guys to work on them. With a two-piece manifold you can take the discharge manifold off and then the inlet manifold. It’s safer and easier to work on, especially if you only have one guy. You have less chance of damaging a plunger and less chance of dropping it. You’re not trying to lift this 75-pound manifold by yourself. This ensures you can line it back up when repairing it without damaging anything.”

Weighing 124 pounds, the pump is 24.17 inches long by 18.11 inches wide and 9.72 inches tall with a shaft diameter of 1.378 inches. It has two 3/4-inch NPT(F) inlet ports and two 1/2-inch NPT(F) discharge ports. The drive end, designed for minimal side load on the crosshead, features a shorter stroke and longer crankcase. Two-part, electrostatic paint adds corrosion resistance.

Accessories include pressure gauges (0 to 6,000 psi), relief valves (0 to 21 gpm, 100 to 7,250 psi) and pulsation dampener (100 to 7,200 psi), pressure regulators and unloaders (0 to 21 gpm, 1,500 to 7,250 psi). 763/780-5440;


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