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BUSTED: Drug Smugglers Destroy Sewer Line

A CCTV inspection confirmed what officials in Nogales, Arizona, had suspected — bundles of marijuana being smuggled from Mexico had blocked the International Outflow Interceptor causing a major sewer backup. Learn how emergency crews responded, what they discovered at the scene, and the expected cost to taxpayers. >>cleaner.com/featured

CHECKLIST: 4 Goals for CCTV Operator Training

Your CCTV inspection program relies on a properly trained, skilled CCTV operator, and becoming a good operator doesn’t happen by accident. Beyond the hiring process, there are certain things you should consider when putting together your training plan. >>cleaner.com/featured

Overheard Online

You need to give your technicians vacation time, but not to the detriment of your business. You can’t work with a skeleton crew and you can’t just shut down the business — so what are you supposed to do?

— Prevent Employee Scheduling Nightmares >>cleaner.com/featured

AVOID EMERGENGIES: Seal the Deal With Preventive Maintenance Plans

You’ve undoubtedly received an emergency call from a desperate restaurant manager or business owner in a panic over their clogged drainline. For contractors who have been there, selling a preventive maintenance agreement to a commercial account is about selling peace of mind. Not sold? Just take these tips from veteran drain cleaners. After all, not every agreement needs to be a written contract. >>cleaner.com/featured


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