Location And Leak Detection, Drainline TV Inspection Equipment

Location And Leak Detection, Drainline TV Inspection Equipment
Inspection camera aids in locating foreign blockage

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Inspection camera aids in locating foreign blockage 

Problem: When repeated snaking failed to clear the sewer line of a Tallahassee, Florida, residential property, McNeill Plumbing sought a tool to identify what was causing the blockage. 

Solution: A technician for the company used his Gen-Eye video inspection equipment from General Pipe Cleaners. Running the camera between the street and house clean-outs, McNeill’s crew quickly discovered a baseball bat in the line. “Someone intentionally put it there,” special projects manager Keith Walker says. “The Gen-Eye image was so sharp that we could clearly read the logo on the bat itself.” Gen-Eye systems can be used to troubleshoot 2- through 10-inch lines, and include an on-screen distance counter, date and time stamp, voice-over unit, built-in titler, and AC/DC power option. The self-leveling color camera automatically keeps pictures right side up, letting professionals and customers clearly follow the action through lines. 

Result: With a wire and rope loop, and using their Gen-Eye, McNeill’s professionals removed the bat, sparing the property owner considerable cost and inconvenience. 800/245-6200; www.drainbrain.com

Smoker connects to small clean-out to unveil leaks 

Problem: Utility managers in Freeman, South Dakota, were experiencing backup issues in their sewer system during heavy spring rains and couldn’t find the exact location of the problem. They were fairly certain of the general area, but were unable to pinpoint the leak locations in order to stop the overflow. The water infiltrating into the sewer system was overwhelming lift stations and the wastewater treatment system, as well as depositing debris in the pipe, which required cleaning.

Solution: South Dakota Rural Water was hired to perform a smoke test with the Hurco Power Smoker, but testing the sewer lines wasn’t revealing where the infiltration was coming from. Having the location narrowed down to a field, they found an old building sewer clean-out. Since the clean-out was only a 4-inch line, they were unable to do the smoke test using the standard smoker for sewer main testing. SDRW used its Hurco Power Smoker 2, which is typically used in plumbing systems, and was able to easily connect to the 4-inch clean-out. 

Result: After a couple minutes setting up for the test, smoke immediately appeared in several locations, revealing multiple uncapped sewer connections from an abandoned mobile home park. The city was able to quickly mark all of the leak locations and get them all properly capped to prevent further damage and issues caused by the inflow into the sewer system. 800/888-1436; www.hurcotech.com.

Pressurized pipe inspection system helps uncover deflected pipe joint

Problem: A university in San Diego wanted to ensure a 6-inch live water main was operating without any disruption.

Solution: JD7 North America completed a successful leak investigation via a fire hydrant riser with the Investigator Light, a fully integral pressurized pipe inspection and leak detection system designed for harsh environments. 

Result: Within two hours, the Investigator Light pinpointed a single deflected pipe joint in the live system after investigating more than 400 linear feet of pipe through six valves. 858/242-1640; www.jd7usa.com


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