Dust Collector Removes Sand And Debris

Dust Collector Removes Sand And Debris
The Commercial Cyclone & Dust Collector from Nu Flow

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The Commercial Cyclone & Dust Collector from Nu Flow removes scale and debris sandblasted from pipes prior to epoxy barrier coating and/or lining in pressurized systems. Applications include hot and cold potable water, hot-water recirculation, compressed air, gas, fire suppression, HVAC and hydronic heating.

Made of reinforced steel, the dust collector features two portable units that can be locked together or separated for easy transportation.

The 30- by 41- by 70-inch cyclone and 30- by 42- by 70-inch dust collector have a combined weight of 600 pounds and filter particles down to 2.5 microns.

“The key for any good lining is to properly clean the piping system,” says Tom Bowman, licensee manager for Nu Flow. “For pressurized systems, we induce an aggregate into the air stream to essentially sandblast off all the debris and corrosion.”

Heavy solids drop off in the cyclone while fine particles are trapped by a series of air filters in the dust collector, eliminating 99 percent of all debris in the air, Bowman says.

The cyclone has a 5.5-cubic-foot capacity flowing into a 16-cubic-foot chamber inside the dust collector. Filters can be accessed through 32- by 36-inch doors.

Large debris can be removed through the 2.5-cubic-foot hopper at the bottom of the cyclone. The bottom tray also can be accessed from the back side if heavy debris needs to be cleaned from the collector side.

The dust collector has two 2-inch connections and one 3-inch inlet connection. Designed to handle 1,000 cfm – the equivalent of a 3-inch piping system – the dust collector features a filtration purge system for cleaning the primary and secondary filters between applications. 800/834-9597; www.nuflowtech.com.


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