Residential and Commercial Sewer and Pipe Maintenance

Drain cleaners use a variety of tools to get clogged pipes flowing again. Here are several cable machines, jetters, hose and hose reels, nozzles, and jet/vac trucks used to clean lines, and TV inspection systems used to locate blockages.
Residential and Commercial Sewer and Pipe Maintenance
Residential and Commercial Sewer and Pipe Maintenance

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Drain cleaners use a variety of tools to get clogged pipes flowing again. Here are several cable machines, jetters, hose and hose reels, nozzles, and jet/vac trucks used to clean lines, and TV inspection systems used to locate blockages.

Cable Machines

Mainline drain cleaning machine

The TorqueMasterTM750 mainline drain cleaning machine from Coast Manufacturing has a double-welded, powder-coated tubular steel frame and an easy-start 3/4 hp dual-capacitor motor. The main shaft drive is fabricated from stress-proof steel, with sealed ball bearings on the shaft and drive arm bearings that never need lubrication. It has a straightforward pulley drive system, 10-inch-diameter solid polyurethane tires, extra-wide rear handle for stability in the upright position, and quick and easy one-man reel changeover. 800/541-7015;

Lightweight drain machine

The compact, lightweight DM10 drain machine from Duracable Manufacturing is designed to clean lines from 1 to 4 inches. The frame is a double-tube design, which adds stability and allows for the wiring to run inside the frame. It has a 1/3 hp motor that operates at 195 rpm and can efficiently run either 3/8- or 1/2-inch cable. It has a telescoping handle and wheels to make it easy to maneuver, and can run both 16- and 19-inch reels, making it ideal for use on sinks, bathtubs, shower and floor drains. 877/244-0556;

Sectional drain and sewer cleaning machine

The Model C cable sectional drain cleaner from Electric Eel runs up to 200 feet of 1 1/4-inch self-feeding dual cable in 8- or 10-foot sections that require no handling when rotating. One operator can effectively clean 3- to 10-inch-diameter lines at distances up to 200 feet. A heavy-duty 1/2 hp motor comes standard, with 3/4 and 1 hp motors available. A custom-designed gearbox ensures parts availability. A heavy-duty, fully adjustable safety clutch keeps cable and tool breakage to a minimum and provides overload protection. A fold-down handle allows for easy transportation, storage and use in crawl spaces. It also has a carry handle for balance and easy transport. 800/833-1212;

Heavy-duty drain cleaning machine

The Model GO 68HD heavy-duty electric drain cleaning machine from Gorlitz Sewer & Drain is available in two different versions, either with an open steel reel or enclosed polyethylene drum, and can be outfitted with an optional power feeder. The standard configuration is 150 feet of 11/16-inch hollow-core cable, which should reach most blockages with a single reel. The unit weighs 185 pounds, and a loading ramp and electric winch can be added to any vehicle to make transportation quick and simple. It is designed to clean pipes from 3 to 8 inches in diameter. 562/944-3060;

Compact drain cleaner

The Junior drain cleaner from Ken-Way Corporation weighs 24 pounds without cable. An optional easy-move cart allows for transport in large buildings. Its small footprint makes for easier access under sinks and in small spaces. It accepts three different drums, allowing use of 1/4-, 5/16-, 3/8-, 13/32- and 1/2-inch cable for cleaning house drains and process line pipes from 1 to 4 inches. The drums are interchangeable, and are switched by removing two wing nuts and sliding the belt off. No adjustment of the machine or motor is needed. It is powered by a 1/4 hp motor equipped with a ground fault interrupter cord and air-powered foot switch. 800/533-0551;

Flexible leader cable

The LE151 Super Flex leader cable from MyTana Mfg. Company is a flexible cable used for leading main cables down a sewer or drainline with twists, turns, elbows, offsets, sweeps and other irregularities. Many contractors keep several leaders available for use in special situations. For instance, leaders with a slight bend 8 to 10 inches from the end can help force a single blade to the outside of the pipe. The leader is suitable for 3/4-inch cable, and is available with a choice of fittings to attach to existing cables and blades. Leader cables are available in other sizes. 800/328-8170;

Portable Pressure Washers/Jetters

Water jet drain cleaning machine

The JM-3080 Jet-Set water jet drain cleaning machine from General Pipe Cleaners can clear grease stoppages, sand, sludge and ice clogs. It generates 3,000 psi at 8 gpm, and Vibra-pulse on demand helps the hose slide easily down long runs and around tight bends. A 20 hp Honda engine with electric start and 2-to-1 gear-reducer drives the pump, while a 12-gallon buffer tank protects the jet if the water supply can’t match the pump demand. 800/245-6200;

Hybrid hydrojetter

The Model 727 cart-mounted hybrid hydrojetter from Spartan Tool can be run on either gasoline or propane by flipping a lever. It can be operated indoors and outside, without any loss of pressure or flow. It produces 3,000 psi, providing enough pipe-cleaning pressure to scour any line up to 6 inches in diameter, while its 4 gpm of flow moves debris downstream. Pulse technology reduces line friction, allowing it to maneuver the corners of drainfields, while 200 feet of 9/16-inch hose provides enough length to get through most fields in one shot. Standard equipment includes 75 feet of 3/16-inch trap hose for tight bends, seven nozzles for various jetting situations, a washdown wand with adjustable nozzle, jetting gloves, easy winterization for cold climates and an electric start motor. 800/435-3866;

Roll-cage-protected pressure washer

Roll-cage-protected two-, three- and four-cylinder water-cooled Kubota pressure washers from Water Cannon are available in pressures up to 7,000 psi. They come with a 50-foot hose, wand, trigger gun and QC nozzles, and include forklift channels, a removable roll cage with lifting hooks, an optional wheel kit and an onboard long-run fuel tank that meets or exceeds EPA regulations in all 50 states. 800/333-9274;

Easement machine

The Easement Machine heavy-duty, all-terrain rubber-tracked power carrier from KWMI Manufacturing is used in conjunction with a high-pressure hydraulic sewer cleaner to allow access to easements, ravines, wooded areas, wetland areas, narrow alleys, and behind homes and buildings. It travels at up to 5 mph, and weighs 2,900 pounds for gas and 3,200 pounds for diesel with reel and hose. It has a variable-speed reel, water-pressure gauge, removable reel, reel guide with foot counter, narrow 46-inch design for tight areas, low 3 1/2 psi ground pressure tracks, and a 27 hp Kohler engine. Options include 600 feet of 1-inch 2,500 psi hose, hydraulic tilt bed, work light or plug-in spotlight, and 26 hp Kubota diesel engine. 800/503-0076;

Trailer Jetters

Heavy-duty trailer jetter

The 51T Series trailer jetter from American Jetter offers a wide range of power to 80 hp and flows from 8 to 18 gpm up to 5,000 psi. Power is provided by a 40 hp Kohler gas engine, or 80 hp using a dual-engine option. Low water shut-off prevents pump damage if the optional 600-gallon tanks run low. Standard hose reel speed control allows for precise cleaning in both directions. The wireless remote option allows for water ON/OFF, engine shutdown and hose reel control. The heavy-duty square tubing trailer offers standard electric brakes on both axles. 866/944-3569;

Versatile trailer jetter

The Brute-150 trailer jetter from JETTERS NORTHWEST has a flow rate of 9 gpm at 4,000 psi, allowing it to run several tools for cutting roots and grease in pipe up to 6 inches. It has a 150-gallon water tank on a tubular-frame trailer with full-size 15-inch wheels, a V-Twin OHV Engine, super-duty triplex pump, and 300 feet of 3/8-inch jetting hose on a hand-rewind reel (a 12-volt power rewind is available). All jetting controls are mounted near the hose reel, including flow control, pressure adjustment, adjustable pulsation and a panel-mounted pressure gauge. A large tool bin elevates the jetting reel for easy reach and provides lockable storage. 877/901-1936;

Remote-operated trailer jetter

The Model 184 trailer jetter from Mongoose Jetters has a tubular steel frame, corrosion-resistant pre-painted sub assemblies, updated controls, high-quality diesel engine and a Mongoose run/dry pump. It has a 180-degree industrial rotating hose reel that has a locking point every 7.5 degrees. A wireless remote feature allows users to operate the machine from the top of a roof or inside the house. The unit allows jetting on high- and low-pressure applications for easy cleanup using the 4,000 psi dump gun feature. 800/323-1604;

Hot-water jetting unit

The lightweight, compact Model ET 800 hot-water jetting unit from Woma Corporation is capable of delivering up to 11,600 psi and 5.5 gpm. Hot water often allows the same applications to be accomplished with less energy, and therefore lower pressure/flow, meaning less horsepower and lower costs. Removal of coating is accomplished without the need for chemicals or abrasives. Typical cleaning applications include paint and graffiti removal, applications removing grease and oil films, as well as cleaning applications in the food industry, which may require hot water to kill germs and bacteria. 800/258-5530;

Hose Reels

Compact manual-rewind reel

The 1000 Series from Hannay Reels is a compact manual-rewind reel. Applications include high-pressure washdown and sanitizing. It is designed to handle single 1/4-, 3/8- or 1/2-inch ID hose. It is lightweight, yet durable and has an e-coated frame for extra protection in demanding environments. A direct-crank rewind is permanently attached, and its exterior mounting holes enable easier installation. It features a redesigned pin lock and a standard adjustable cam-lock brake. It handles pressures to 3,000 psi and temperatures from 20 to more than 400 degrees F. 877/467-3357;

Heavy-duty hand crank reel

The Series HC80000 hose reel from Reelcraft has a lightweight cast aluminum base rated at 40,000 psi tensile strength. It is ideal for industrial and truck mount applications, with options that include a heavy-duty lock pin to prevent de-spooling when the reel is not in use, and an adjustable drag screw to prevent backlash when operating. Components are individually powder coated prior to as­sembly for corrosion resistance. 800/444-3134;

High-Pressure Hose

Jetter hose

Standard jetter hose from Draincables Direct has a green high-abrasion and fungus-resistant polyurethane cover with a 4,000 psi rating. It has braided high-tensile synthetic fiber reinforcement with a temperature range of -40 to more than 122 degrees F, and a seamless polyester inner core. A full line of jetter hose from 1/8 inch ID to 1/2 inch ID in lengths from 25 up to 500 feet in 4,000 psi are available. Sizes of 1 inch and over in variable psi are also available for special orders. 800/421-4580;

Material-handling hose

TUFTEX material-handling hose from HBD/Thermoid is designed for gravity or positive and negative pressure applications, and is supported with a strong, spring steel wire helix. It is highly resistant to abrasion and other environmental conditions, and comes in types MH-1, MH-2 and MH-3, so technicians can select the one that best fits the application. It effectively operates in a wide temperature range from -40 to 250 degrees F. It is available in a wide variety of inside-diameter sizes and lengths. 800/835-0682;

High-temperature hose

High-temperature hose from Piranha Hose Products is designed to withstand temperatures up to 190 degrees F. It is available in Series LLGR green-covered, 4,000 psi hoses, in ID sizes 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch; and Series LLBU blue-covered 3,000 psi hoses, in 1/2-inch ID size. 800/250-5132;

Pressure washer hose

Goodyear Engineered Products Neptune pressure washer hose from Veyance Technologies is available in 1,500, 3,000, 4,500 and 6,000 psi working pressures. It is used for high-pressure washer and cleaning equipment applications. The hose is available in 1/4- to 3/4-inch sizes in most pressure ranges. It is available in reinforced braided construction, with a nitrile rubber tube and an RMA Class B (Medium Oil Resistance). 800/235-4632;

Push TV Camera Systems

Heavy-duty inspection camera

The Viztrac II AM240-200 pipe inspection camera from Amazing Machinery features 200 feet of durable 1/2-inch push cable with fiberglass rod inner core, a 20-inch cage reel and attached water-sealed case containing the controls, a high-resolution 7-inch LCD monitor and wheels to increase mobility. It also has a 1-inch powder-coated lay-flat frame with upright rolling stand; a 1 3/8-inch O.D. metal camera housing; nine dimmable high-output 5 mm LED lights; high-resolution color camera; scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens; high-grade 512 Hz sonde locator with an average range of 12 to 15 feet; and an integrated digital video recorder with remote control, compatible with most standard SD cards. 800/504-7435;

Lightweight push camera system

The SEEKER user-friendly, contractor-grade examination tool from Aries Industries expects pipes from 3 to 24 inches in diameter and up to 300 feet in length. It can be operated as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with a CCTV truck to record all of the video to a PC or laptop. When used as a stand-alone unit, it is a self-contained system with no external wiring. Weighing as little as 40 pounds, it is easily transported to any job site and comes standard with a built-in 512 Hz transmitting beacon and bright 6.4-inch LCD screen. It offers either a self-leveling camera with either a ball skid or a roller skid, or a self-cleaning pan and tilt camera with wireless control. Options include digital video recording, on-screen footage, wireless video transmission up to 300 feet away, rechargeable battery, PAL video and live-line tracing. 800/234-7205;

Modular push camera

The modular design of the MPlus+ lateral and mini-mainline push camera system from CUES enables easy operation and facilitates quick removal of the control unit to be used separately for off-road or remote job sites or to accommodate compact storage. The unit includes video titling, video observation coding, digital recording and portability. The lightweight system includes large, durable wheels for easy portability and a balanced footprint for stability. 800/327-7791;

Remote pan-and-tilt inspection system

The VeriSight Pro 360 from Envirosight remotely pans and tilts to give the operator maneuverability when inspecting drain lines. A joystick on the control unit rotates the camera continuously and tilts it plus-or-minus 135 degrees. Versions are available with 130, 200 and 330 feet of push cable. Its digital interface displays real-time inspection footage on an 8-inch LCD, records up to 90 hours of inspection video to internal memory, and allows an operator to enter observation data for upload to WinCan. A customizable interface lets operators zoom 3X on live or recorded video, capture still images, configure the 16-page text writer, browse thumbnail galleries, and select among several available languages. An integral tri-band sonde transmits at 33 kHz, 512 Hz or 640 Hz. 866/936-8476;

Remote video repeater

The Network Video Repeater from Forbest Products offers an option for a remote real-time view via the Internet, allowing operators to discuss an on-site issue with staff at the site. When a Forbest camera is connected to a laptop with Windows via this device, those in the office can view the real-time picture/video captured by the camera from a computer or laptop, iPhone or iPad or other terminal with Web connectivity. 650/757-4786;

Lateral camera system

The Sonic lateral camera system from Hathorn Corporation has a 7.4-inch LCD video monitor, ABS plastic control box with machined aluminum panels, control box mounting stand, color stainless steel camera head, 512 Hz sonde transmitter, adjustable brake handle and a camera skid. Options include a self-leveling camera, 3/8- or 1/2-inch-diameter pushrod, USB recording, on-screen footage counter, 10-hour battery pack and 8-inch-diameter wheel kit. 905/886-2835;

Versatile inspection camera

The PortaVision pipe inspection camera system from HammerHead Trenchless Equipment comes with an iPad 4 to view photos, edit videos and send files through email or cloud. It provides freeze-frame snapshots and the ability to narrate an inspection through a built-in microphone. It requires 110 volts or can operate up to six hours on a single charge of the lithium-ion battery. The waterproof color camera is self-leveling, and has a scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens, light intensity control and a 4-inch centering guide, with 2- and 6-inch guides available. It holds 200 feet of pushrod with a ballistic-grade woven fiber jacket. The 34-pound case can be carried, or a built-in transport cart with extendable handle and high-clearance wheels can be used. An optional Trapeze 50-foot black-and-white mini camera is available for small drains, clean-outs, or pipe 1 to 2 inches in diameter. 800/331-6653;

Battery-powered pushrod inspection system

The P340+ flexiprobe pushrod video inspection range from Pearpoint/SPX has an onboard lithium–ion battery to provide power for up to a full day’s typical usage, enabling operators to work remotely. A push-button fuel gauge provides a quick indication of remaining power, even when the controller is switched off. Controllers feature slots for USB flash drives and compact flash cards. The controller can also be connected directly to a PC to copy or move files without the need for a separate card reader. It offers a choice of two stainless steel high-resolution cameras, capable of withstanding 11 bar of pressure. Users can zoom, pan and rotate images during recording and playback to focus in on problem areas. Still pictures can be taken at any time. Cameras combine focusable lenses with high video resolution and ultra-bright white LEDs. A range of pushrod reels are available from the extra-flexible 100-foot P341 plumber’s reel designed for commercial and residential applications, to the 500-foot P343 reel designed to push for longer distances. 800/688-8094;

Compact inspection system

The compact GatorCam4 inspection system from Radiodetection Corporation offers the convenience of a portable system that can be used in most weather conditions. The controller’s integrated lithium-ion battery removes the inconvenience and set-up time of an external power lead. A push-button fuel gauge provides a quick indication of remaining power, even when the controller is switched off. It can be configured to suit most inspection requirements. A range of pushrods is available, from the extra-flexible 100-foot plumber’s reel to navigate the bends and traps found in commercial and residential plumbing, up to the 500-foot extra-stiff rod designed to push for longer distances. 877/247-3797;

Small-diameter pipe inspection camera

The POLARIS camera system from RapidView IBAK North America inspects smaller-diameter pipelines with its 3-Axis range of movement. Its navigating stick technology allows it to choose the direction of travel when encountering Ts or Ys in the pipeline. The system has upright picture control, pan, tilt and angle control, a wide angle (plus or minus 120 degrees) of view, LED lighting, low-light sensitivity and a built-in laser measurement system for measuring defects inside the lateral. 800/656-4225;

Pan-and-tilt push camera

The Pan n’ Tilt Push Camera from Ratech Electronics rotates 360 degrees and 210 degrees up and down, allowing technicians to view the pipe condition easily and in more detail. An optional steerable gooseneck assists the camera. Combining this camera with a control unit gives recording capability using SD/USB drives, and allows MPEG video capture and JPEG image capture of pipe inspections. Features include a 512 Hz sonde, an on-screen text display overlay system, electronic distance counter, time, date and eight pages of memory. Standard Gel-Rod cable length supplied is 200 to 400 feet. 800/461-9200;

Digital recording monitor

The hand-held SeeSnake CS6 digital recording monitor from RIDGID captures still images and video clips and allows users to quickly and easily edit, archive and deliver reports directly to customers through USB thumb drives or via print, DVD and online. It has a 5.7-inch daylight-readable LCD screen, a water-resistant keypad for direct control of camera and monitor functions, an on-screen keyboard for basic titling and text entry, and microphone and speakers for adding voiceovers to and playing back over custom reports. It docks onto the SeeSnake Max rM200 camera system for transportation and storage, and is compatible with SeeSnake Reels. 800/769-7743;

Portable mainline inspection system

The Private Eye 2 portable mainline inspection system from RS Technical Services has a 15-inch TFT LCD flat-screen monitor, on-screen footage display, automated power adjustment and a digital video recorder to capture MPEG 4 video onto an SD media card. The command center is enclosed in a Pelican waterproof and crush-proof case that weighs 30 pounds, providing portability without sacrificing durability. It is compatible with all RST cameras and tractors, and when combined with a compact portable reel loaded with single conductor cable, is capable of inspecting 4- to 200-inch-diameter pipelines up to 1,500 feet in length. Options include a DD Lite text writer, choice of data collection software and sun-readable monitor. 800/767-1974;

Pipe inspection system

The Type-CP inspection system from Vivax-Metrotech comes with either 200 or 400 feet of 12 mm Kevlar-reinforced pushrod stiff enough to inspect long distances and flexible enough for easy entry and turns. It comes with a choice of two interchangeable camera heads – a 1.8-inch D46-C self-leveling camera for 4- to 8-inch inspection, and a smaller 1.3-inch D34-C self-leveling camera for use in 3- to 6-inch pipes. Its vCam-5 control module has an 8-inch color LCD, transmitting sonde, digital recording via USB thumb drives, SD cards or to the internal hard drive, full-function keyboard, internal microphone, AC/DC power, rechargeable batteries, distance counter and camera LED brightness control. 800/446-3392;

Visual inspection camera

The VIS 350 visual inspection camera from Wohler USA has a home function to maintain a sense of orientation when troubleshooting, as the position of the camera head is indicated on a vibrant display. Operators can take still photos and stream video. Its integrated locator transmitter pinpoints damage. It covers a wide range of applications, as its pan-and-tilt camera can inspect wastewater lines, house connections, flue gas systems, ventilation lines and false ceilings. It also comes equipped with two rechargeable batteries. 978/750-9876;

Camera system

The Xcam camera system has a 1.38-inch stainless steel camera head and 1/2-inch-diameter pushrod. It is capable of navigating 3-inch pipe with 90-degree corners. Recording is done onto a USB stick in MPEG file format that can be played back on any computer. A self-leveling camera head with skid, 512 Hz sonde transmitter, adjustable lighting, internal microphone, 200 feet of push cable and a 10.4-inch monitor case are standard. Options include a portable battery pack and a text writer. 855/863-9226;

Cleaning Nozzles/Safety Equipment

Penetrating nozzle

The PH (Penetrator Hex) Nozzle from Arthur Products has a pointed nose along with one forward-penetrating jet and three 20-degree rearward thrusting jets. It is available in 1/8-,
1/4-, 3/8- and 1/2-inch FNPT sizes, with operational pressure ratings of 10,000 and 15,000 psi. 800/322-0510;

Root cutting nozzle

Root Rat cutting nozzles from Chempure Products are used with jetters from 11 hp to large truck-mounted models. Manufactured of hardened stainless steel, the cutters come with a toolbox with two interchangeable rotors – one with cables and the other with chains. The combination kit includes extra chain, cable and bearings. They need no repair or rebuilding other than bearing replacement, which can be completed in less than two minutes for under $10 in parts. 800/288-7873;

Antiblast cleaning nozzle

The Bulldog Antiblast nozzle from Enz USA was designed to prevent blowing toilets while jetting in residential areas. It reduces the negative water pressure that arises ahead of the nozzle, or excess pressure following the nozzle if the installations are not correct or venting is not working properly. The nozzle cleans in all directions. 888/369-8721;

Automatic tank cleaning head

The XXL automatic tank cleaning head from Hammelmann Corp. removes hard scale buildup from large tanks, vessels and pipe interiors. It operates using high-pressure water so no other energy sources or extra cleaning materials are necessary. The nozzle arm rotates due to the reaction force of the water jets emitting from the nozzles mounted at each end of the spray arm. This rotational motion is transferred via a built-in drive and reduction gear, which in turn rotates the cleaner around its vertical axis. By rotating in two axes the water jets can reach all parts of the tank interior. The rotation speed is controlled by a finger-adjustable induction brake magnet. The head can be operated with pressures up to 23,000 psi and flow rates exceeding 150 gpm. It can be easily converted into a pipe cleaning unit by fitting into a sledge cage with a pulling eye and kick plate for self-propulsion. 800/783-4935;

PVC-on-polyester safety suit

DuraBlast double-coated PVC-on-polyester safety suits from Milwaukee Rubber Products are engineered specially for hydroblasting and excavation applications. They have high tear strength as the result of an open weave polyester scrim fabric sandwiched between two layers of flame-resistant PVC coating. Therm-O-Rad sealed seam construction offers chemical splash protection. A thick outside coating offers abrasion resistance, while a lighter interior coating protects the fabric from chemical contamination. The material is flame resistant and self-extinguishing with flameout and afterglow less than 2 seconds after removal of the ignition source. They feature hook and loop closures for hydroblasting applications. 800/325-3730;

Tube-cleaning nozzle

TS-1 water jet nozzles from NLB Corp. have optimized flow for pipe and tube cleaning, and are rated at up to 15,000 psi. They can be ordered in five standard drill patterns and a variety of custom configurations. Some models are designed for cutting and others for pulling. All drill patterns are precision machined, with straight-facing, forward-facing and/or backward-facing holes. The nozzles thread easily onto one of NLB’s flex or rigid lances, and can be ordered in left- or right-hand threads. 877/652-7796;

Sewer-cleaning nozzle

The BL SWIPER sewer nozzle from NozzTeq is available in 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-inch sizes, and is made of stainless steel inside with a poly body outside that makes it safe to use in lined, imperfect and sensitive pipes. Its stainless steel tubes loop the water around a system along air channels that increase airflow and jet stream length in the pipe. The design reduces rpm and pressure at the truck and thus at the nozzle to reduce the amount of blown toilets. It can be used on 4- to 12-inch lines with all pull-behind jetting units. 866/620-5915;

One-piece cleaning nozzle

The one-piece FJ Penetrator stainless steel cleaning nozzle from USB – Sewer Equipment Corporation is neither bonded nor screwed together, enhancing strength and reducing chances of failure under pressure. Its Advanced, Optimized 3D Hydro Mechanics, located in the lower part of the chamber, eliminate pressure in the upper portion of the nozzle and prevent explosion in a sewer line or manhole. The water coming from a pressurized hose is immediately guided directly into channels and directed into one-piece ceramic nozzle inserts, which do not require winglets or flow-straighteners, because of the hydromechanics in and out of the chamber. This results in an efficient jet pattern. They are precision engineered and manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. 866/408-2814;

Rodding Machines/Excavation Equipment

Excavation tool

The Utility Air-Spade 4000 Series excavation tool from Guardair Corporation is designed for safe excavation around buried utilities. Electrically insulating materials, as well as nonsparking materials, make excavating around high-voltage power lines and gas lines safe. The unit comes in two sizes ­– a 105 cfm unit with 4-foot barrel and a 150 cfm unit with 4-foot barrel. They feature supersonic nozzles that utilize compressed air to produce high-speed laser-like jets that move at twice the speed of sound for effective digging in tough soils. It can be used for digging down to pipes, utility locating and repair, keyholing, potholing, valve box cleaning and cable trenching. 800/482-7324;

Rod turning machine

The power Rod Turning Machine from Southland Tool Mfg. turns sectional steel rods in 5/16- or 3/8-inch diameter. It is equipped with a gasoline Briggs or Honda engine, and has a speedy chuck to engage the rod coupling in the hollow shaft. An instant-reverse transmission rotates the rods and cleaning tool in a clockwise direction against the blockage. It is available in 3.5, 6.5 and 8 hp models. A full set of rods and tools are available with a carry-all trailer. 714/632-8198;

Grease Trap/Drain Maintenance

Drain treatment and cleaner

Safe, all-natural biological Drain and Grease Trap Treatment from Drainbo Products is formulated for use in all home drains. Naturally grown bacillus digest household waste such as grease, soap film, oils, proteins, fats and other commonly found proteins in the waste stream, ridding it from the lines. Used as a normal maintenance product, it keeps a drain’s flow free and clear of buildup. It is safe to use with septic systems, enhancing performance by increasing digestion in the tank through its seven-strain formulation and by digesting and removing the sludge deposited in the leach system. It is a USDA-certified biobased product. Private labeling is available. 877/372-4626;

Jet/Vac Combo Units

Multipurpose hydroexcavator

The HV56 hydroexcavator from GapVax is a multipurpose unit ideal for virtually any wet/dry vacuum project. It has a 15-cubic-yard debris body and water tank options from 350 to 1,200 gallons. Features include a positive displacement vacuum pump rated at 3,500 cfm with 28 inches Hg. The design prolongs the life of the filter bags and eliminates the threat of material entering the vacuum pump. Options include a cold-weather recirculation package, sludge pump, auger unloading system, body pressurization system, remote pendants and wireless remotes, high rail package, washdown system, stainless steel body and a high-dump option. 888/442-7829;

Combination machine

Combination machines from Vac-Con are available in configurations from 3.5- to 16-cubic-yard capacities, with hydrostatically-driven two and three-stage centrifugal compressors, or several optional positive displacement blowers with up to 27 inches Hg. High-pressure, smooth-flow water systems are offered up to 120 gpm and 3,000 psi, with cross-linked polyethylene water storage tanks with total capacities up to 1,500 gallons. They can be equipped with a 180-degree articulating front-mounted hose reel in capacities up to 1,000 feet, and high-pressure hose diameters from 5/8 to 1 1/4 inches. Front-mounted telescopic booms are available with up to 10-foot extensions, and 8- and 10-inch tube diameters. It can double as a vacuum excavator with an optional hydroexcavation package that allows the operator to reduce the volume of water, maintain the pressure for digging, and direct the flow through a conventional excavation hand wand. 904/284-4200;

High-dump combination sewer cleaner

The high-dump capability of the AllJetVac combination jet/vac sewer cleaner from Vacall – Gradall Industries allows the operator to raise the debris tank 76 inches above ground level and shift the tank horizontally 21 inches beyond the rear bumper. After removing debris from clogged sewer lines, the operator can raise, shift and tilt the debris tank to dump material faster and more efficiently into municipal dewatering containers, avoiding the need for ramps. The tank movement and dumping is accomplished with a wireless remote control mechanism, affording the operator a clear view of the dumping process. The chance of spills can be further avoided with an optional slanting splash shield, extending from the debris tank. 800/382-8302;

Sewer cleaning system

The 2100 Plus sewer cleaner from Vactor Manufacturing is equipped with a front operator control panel with two selector switches for the fan drive – fan on/off and fan mode (low/medium/high). Single engine fan hydrostatic drive components are sized to maximize the life expectancy of the system. The system keeps the step-up transmission, resulting in a low required hydraulic motor speed. The single engine platform uses a centrifugal compressor, and a hydrostatic drive system provides constant torque. The configuration features a split-shaft transfer case in the main driveline, which is efficiently engaged when directed by the operator. The transfer case is rated to 500 hp, with a 2:1 step-up transmission with splash lubricated support bearings, so the hydraulic motor can operate at half-speed compared to the fan, prolonging motor bearing life. The configuration also eliminates the need to change the design to meet future emissions requirements. 800/627-3171;

Hydro/vac unit

The POWERVAC hydro/vac unit from Vacuum Sales Inc. can be used in wet or dry environments for hazardous and nonhazardous applications. It is constructed from stainless and carbon steel (ASME DOT 407 – 412 certified), and has positive displacement high-vacuum blowers, a capacity up to 4,600 cfm, vacuum up to 28.5 inches (95 percent) continuous, and pressure unloading with a rotary vane vacuum/pressure pump. It also has high-capacity intake and exhaust silencers, and filtration and vacuum lines. It is designed for continuous operation at maximum vacuum, with five bearings for belt or direct drive, oil lubricated bearings and gears, oil-free air discharge and air injection cooling, and requires no relief valve. A full range of rotary vane pumps is available with pressures up to 35 psi. 800/547-7790;


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