Industrial vacuum loader works as full-functioning hydroexcavator

Industrial vacuum loader works as full-functioning hydroexcavator
Industrial vacuum loader works as full-functioning hydroexcavator

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The Supersucker HDX industrial vacuum loader from Super Products LLC combines waste removal and bulk material recovery with complete hydroexcavator functionality for maximum job site flexibility.

The unit is designed for cleaning contractors who have opportunities to perform hydroexcavation, but might not want to commit to a dedicated hydroexcavator.

“We’ve had customers tell us the Supersucker is great at what it does and that our Mud Dog hydroexcavator is great at what it does, and if we had one unit that combined the capabilities of both it would be great for them,” says Jeff Steinbach, vice president of sales and marketing for Super Products.

The multi-functional Supersucker HDX is ideal for contractors looking to expand their service offerings, he says.

“Contractors who work in the industrial cleaning segment need wet/dry machines like the Supersucker for the work they perform in refineries, power plants and mines, but they might not have 100 percent utilization of that truck in those applications,” Steinbach says.

“Power plant outages are a timed event; refinery turnarounds are a timed event. When a vacuum loader isn’t being used, it’s an expensive asset to have sitting idle. With true hydroexcavation capabilities, you can take advantage of the same asset to expose pipelines, slot trench for underground services or do tank cleaning work without the need for additional equipment since you have it all in one machine. It makes it very convenient for the contractor and their customers alike.”

The vacuum loader/hydroexcavator has a 600-gallon water tank and hydraulically driven pump that delivers up to 14 gpm and 3,000 psi. Other standard features include curbside water fill, 100-foot, 1/2-inch hose capacity, winter recirculation and air-purge system. Options include a 465,000 Btu water heater and 65,000 Btu heated pump compartment.

Mounted on the rear of the truck, the 8-foot, full-function telescoping hydroexcavation boom can extend to 27 feet with 330-degree rotation and pivot downward 25 degrees to provide 8 feet of extra digging depth. For added convenience, boom functions can be operated with either a wireless remote or wired pendant.

“We didn’t want in any way to compromise the unit’s hydroexcavation capabilities,” Steinbach says. “That’s why the Supersucker HDX utilizes the same waterjetting system and articulating boom design that you find on our dedicated Mud Dog hydroexcavator.”

Measuring 37 feet in length, 15 feet 5 inches in height and 8 feet in width, the vacuum loader/hydroexcavator has single-engine drive, smart CAN bus control system with 8-inch positive displacement vacuum that delivers air flow to 5,800 cfm and 28 inches of vacuum.

The single-mode filtration system loads wet or dry material with no changeover required. The 1/4-inch steel collector box holds 18 cubic yards of debris. Body dumping is achieved by a single, heavy-duty, double-acting cylinder that provides a 51-degree dump angle. The body, baghouses and separator chamber hydraulically raise together for quick unloading. The full-opening tailgate with two lift cylinders has a liquid-tight hydraulic latching system to prevent leakage. Latches and hinges are fully adjustable.

On the market since January, the Supersucker HDX was formally introduced at the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo in Indianapolis in combination with the Acculevel load sensor system, which is optional on the HDX. When full debris tank capacity is reached, the load sensor system automatically relieves vacuum to prevent over-filling.

“People have come to value the Acculevel on our Mud Dog line, and now you have that same debris level monitoring assurance available in a machine designed for anything from frozen ground to fly ash,” Steinbach says. 800/837-9711;


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