Municipal and Industrial Sewer and Pipe Maintenance

Municipal and Industrial Sewer and Pipe Maintenance
Truck-mounted jetter

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  Truck-Mounted Jetter

The TM Series of truck-mounted drain and sewer jetters from Cam Spray is built on a heavy steel platform that can be forklifted into place and secured to the bed of a trailer or truck body. They are designed for cleaning up to 10-inch-diameter drainlines, with available custom packages that will clean up to 24-inch lines. Features include DC- or hydraulic-powered reels, 325-gallon water tank, low water shut-off, power pulse, powder-coated heavy frame and foot control of reel. 800/648-5011;

  Industrial Vacuum Truck

The Omnivac series of industrial vacuum trucks from Cusco, a Wastequip brand, offers the additional filtration of a complete bag house and air cannon pulsation cleaning system, providing suction capability for fine, dry material. It also has a complete secondary vacuum system that uses an air-cooled 360 cfm vacuum pump that provides an easily controlled source of pressurized air for offloading purposes. It provides a smaller, more efficient source of vacuum for applications that do not require the full 1,400 cfm capability or where blower operations are restricted. It offers customers the flexibility to send the right size machine to suit the job requirements. 800/490-3541;

  Boom Elbows

Custom Boom Elbows manufactures both 70-degree and 90-degree boom elbows for a variety of hydroexcavator manufacturers. Both elbows feature a 25.1-inch circumference and 8-inch diameter with flanged ends. All models are built with a 1/2-inch wall thickness. Products are heavy-duty to ensure quality and durability. 604/835-0199;

  High-Frequency Locating System

The 830R/T (receiver/transmitter) system from Ditch Witch can trace poor conductors, such as ungrounded tracer wire, and effectively locate short lengths of utility infrastructure. Features include gain control, auto depth, and visual and audio feedback to use in identifying and tracing metallic pipe or cable, water, and gas distribution lines. It has an IP65 environmental rating, so it can stand up to the rigors of the construction site and the toughest weather conditions. The battery lasts 150 hours on the transmitter and 75 hours on the receiver. Adaptive filtering ensures that it is highly responsive in all modes of operation, providing left-to-right guidance quickly regardless of mode or operator style. Peak Verify mode gives operators an additional way to verify locations. 800/654-6481;

  Rotating Nozzle

The Golden Jet Bulldog rotating nozzle from Enz USA is designed for operation with recycled and freshwater. An integrated oil-free braking system results in low wear and tear, and in controlled numbers of rotation. The nozzle cleans root intrusions, grease, solids and heavy debris. It is available in 1/2- to 1 1/4-inch connecting threads. The cleaning pipe diameter ranges from 2.5 to 24 inches. 877/369-8721;

  Hydroexcavator Truck

The HV-55 HydroVax hydroexcavator from GapVax is constructed of ASTM A572-Grade 50 steel and has a 12 1/2-cubic-yard debris body and water tank options ranging from 400 to 1,400 gallons. Features include a positive displacement vacuum pump rated at 5,250 cfm with 28 inches Hg. The filtration design includes five cyclones, which prolongs the life of the filter bags and eliminates the threat of material entering the vacuum pump. The tailgate is fully opening with a field-adjustable hinge and dual cylinders and also has four fail-safe, individually adjustable locks that assure a complete seal. 888/442-7829;

  Industrial Vacuum Loader

The Guzzler NX industrial vacuum loader from Guzzler Manufacturing was designed for cleanup and recovery of a wide range of materials, including solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries, and thick, heavy sludge. Its Robuschi blower delivers 5,435 cfm, with vacuum capabilities up to 28 inches of mercury. The larger, injection-cooled blower allows the operator to load more material at a lower engine rpm, conserving fuel and reducing noise levels. The machine delivers ultra-quiet operation without the expense or weight of a sound shroud. The cyclone and bag houses are configured to maximize efficiency and reduce overall truck weight. An increased filter area, combined with offline cleaning, extends bag life while forcing carry-over back to the debris tank. 800/627-3171;

  Combination Jet/Vac Truck

The Aquatech F-10 from Hi-Vac features a front-mounted reel designed by Aquatech. The 180-degree rotating front-mounted reel facilitates easy unit placement. Reel capacity is designed and engineered for up to 800 feet of 1-inch hose. The top-loading boom powers up and down and extends to 26 feet from the pivot point. The single-engine drive dramatically decreases fuel consumption, maintenance expense, weight on the chassis, and the initial chassis price. The water pump consists of a continuous flow, triplex reciprocating design and is rated up to 80 gpm at 2,000 psi. An optional unloader valve allows for complete control of water flow and pressure independent of the vacuum power. Tanks are constructed of high-strength, UV-stabilized polyethylene, with optional fixed internal baffled aluminum tanks. 800/752-2400;

  Sewer Worker Protection System

The Vanguard System from Hydro Products is a sewer worker protection system designed to dramatically reduce worker exposure to viruses and bacteria commonly found in wastewater and sewer lines. The system automatically reduces wastewater contaminants by up to 98 percent (established by an independent lab study) by washing the jet hose with an antiviral, antibacterial solution as it is removed from the manhole. In addition, the manhole tool’s design allows the jet hose to remain on its roller while vacuum tubes are inserted into the manhole. Finally, a compact wash gun allows workers to wash down and sanitize commonly touched sewer truck surfaces. 800/781-3164;

  Hose and Nozzle Guide

The Lateral Launcher from Logiball guides a 1/2- or 3/8-inch hose and nozzle into the lateral connection from the mainline sewer. Winched in tandem with the CCTV camera, the 0-90 VDC motor is used to rotate the guiding arm and nozzle into the lateral connection. With the pump turned on, the back jets propel the hose into the lateral for cleaning and cutting roots. Laterals have been cleaned up to 70 feet from the connection. It features stainless steel and aluminum construction, an industry standard three-pin male connector, optional 1/2-inch nozzle and hose, a replaceable guiding arm, and 10- and 12-inch skids. 800/246-5988;

  Axial Blower with Canister

The 12-inch Plastic Axial Blower with Canister from Allegro, distributed by Milwaukee Rubber Products, features a polyethylene housing and canister assembly designed to be both lightweight and quiet. It is made of corrosion-, UV- and chemical-resistant polyethylene in “safety orange.” The quick-connect clipping system allows workers to attach the canister, tool-free, to the input side for powerful extraction or output side for ventilation. Added features include molded carry handle and 15 or 25 feet of PVC-coated vinyl and polyester ducting, which stores easily within the storage canister. 800/325-3730;

  Rotating Jetting Nozzle

The Typhoon 10 self-rotating jetting nozzle from NLB Corp. utilizes high-pressure water to clean 5/8- and 3/4-inch pipe. Designed to produce rotating action from the nozzle instead of the barrel, it forces the water jets up front where they are most effective. The nozzle comes in two 10 gpm speeds (up to 15,000 psi and up to 24,000 psi) and two 20 gpm speeds (up to 15,000 psi and up to 20,000 psi). All models are made of high-grade stainless steel for durability and rotate at 7,000 rpm. They feature an NLB seal design to reduce leakage and can be ordered with four jets for polishing, or five jets for cleaning and cutting. Two more Typhoon nozzles are available for larger pipes. 800/441-5059;

  Cutting Nozzle

Lumberjack cutters from NozzTeq are low-torque, variable-speed, multipurpose cutting nozzles powered by common sewer jetting or combination trucks. The cutting chains rotate at speeds of 10,000 to 50,000 rpm, depending on pressure and flow rate. They are designed to cut roots, but also clear concrete, tuberculation, grease, protruding laterals and other obstructions. Low torque means they won’t get stuck, won’t harm host pipe, and won’t spin off the hose end. They have sealed, grease-lubricated bearings, and are water-cooled so they don’t need daily maintenance. The cutter drive shaft and turbine are made of hardened steel, and the supply tube is made of stainless steel, so the nozzle lasts for 7-15 years of heavy use, and is easy to rebuild. Six models clear pipes from 3 up to 48 inches. 866/620-5915;

  Pipe Lining System

The Nu Drain system from Nu Flow Technologies creates a protective, structural pipe inside an existing host piping system without the need for digging or destruction. The system can line inside infrastructure and underground pipe. It uses a liner saturated with epoxy to create a barrier that can span missing sections of pipe, creating a seamless, jointless pipe-within-a-pipe that is used to rehabilitate deteriorating sanitary drain and storm sewer lines, including mechanical systems, with minimal disruption. The technology is best suited for pipe 1 1/2 to 10 inches in diameter and larger custom sizes, while accommodating multiple 45- and 90-degree elbows. It can be installed through one or two access points. 905/433-5510;

  Foaming Root Control

Oblitiroot, a foaming sewer line root control product from Olvidium, has been formulated to use the maximum amount of the active ingredient, Dichlobenil, currently allowed by the EPA. It comes in two pouches which, when combined, can be applied through the clean-out or in the toilet bowl. Because it begins to foam only after the two parts are stirred or agitated together, the rooter-plumber applying the product can flush when desired so as to prevent toilet bowl overflow. 855/782-4531;    

  Combination Truck

The PAT 949 Combination Truck from Polston Applied Technologies is a multipurpose cleaning truck that provides a complete, stand-alone cleaning system for large-diameter lines, digesters, grit chambers, lift stations, water treatment plants, ponds, lagoons and other difficult-to-clean environments. It delivers up to 425 hp, giving maximum horsepower to each of the components and enabling it to pump/separate sand and water at up to 2,500 gpm. This power provides the capability to remove sand and grit at depths of more than 27 feet, and to clean large-diameter pipes. It features an extra-long hydraulic knuckle boom crane, with up to 49 feet of reach from the center and 180-degree rotation. 866/862-7271;

  Sectional Lining Materials

PrimeLine Products, Inc. offers sectional pipe lining equipment and materials “a la carte” so technicians can pick and choose the items they need. Material items are offered in bulk quantities, which means a considerable cost savings. There are thousands of installations worldwide. Products meet or exceed all ASTM standards. 877/409-7888;

  Root-Cutting Nozzle

The RR3000 Root Ranger nozzle from RIDGID uses a single rear-facing turbojet to blast a concentrated stream of water that shears root obstructions from the drain wall. It is capable of clearing lines up to 8 inches, and can completely clear lines larger than the one it originally entered. It comes standard with 200 feet of hose. 800/769-7743;

  Root Intrusion Formula

RootX uses a foaming herbicidal formula to clear sewer lines, drains and septic systems blocked by roots. It kills roots on contact and inhibits re-growth, even at the top of the pipe, where 90 percent of intrusion occurs. Root debris begins to decay within 12 weeks, and nine months later, the roots are virtually gone. RootX doesn’t contain copper sulfate or metam sodium, and it’s EPA-accepted for use in all 50 states. 800/844-4974;

  Safety Sewer Drain

The Safety Sewer Drain eliminates the mess and threat of contamination when removing the clean-out on a plugged drain. Made of clear polypropylene, the device fits over a 4-inch clean-out. Sewage drains through a valve-controlled hose into a bucket for disposal. It also can be adapted to work on a 3-inch clean-out. 906/753-4002;

  Hydroexcavating Tool

The Soil Surgeon hydroexcavating tool from The Soil Surgeon Inc. is designed to fit any sewer combination truck equipped with a telescopic 6- or 8-inch boom. The tool has a 1-inch water connection. The operator controls water pressure and power with truck controls. Features include 6-foot Tuff Tube with handles fabricated to the tube to guide the unit down for potholing or side to side for trenching. Six jets boring inward cut the soil, while six jets boring outward bring the tube down. Bumpers on the bottom protect the jets and lines the tool might contact. 949/363-1401;

  High Flow Hydrojetter

The high-flow Ultimate Warrior hydrojetter from Spartan Tool features 3,000 psi of sewer cleaning pressure to knock debris from pipes up to 24 inches in diameter, coupled with 35 gpm of water flow to flush loose debris down the line. Its 600-gallon water tanks allow technicians to carry enough water to the job site to clean blockages. It meets or exceeds trailer standards throughout the U.S. and Canada. It is powered by an 84 hp turbo-charged Kubota engine and features a Giant brand pump. 800/435-3866;

  Hydroexcavation Heads

The HX-101 single-head hydroexcavation assembly from StoneAge provides a replaceable single OCIH 1/4-inch NPT carbide nozzle at 0 degrees. Using a single nozzle channels all of the pump’s power in one direction for the most digging power. The head has a 1/2-inch NPT inlet connection to attach to the operating wand. The included high-visibility urethane guard is replaceable with three bolts. 866/795-1586;

  Hydrovac Truck

The F4 hydrovac truck from Tornado Hydrovacs can carry 13 cubic yards of mud and more than 2,000 gallons of fresh water. Components include a water tank from which the technician excavates, a mud tank to which the excavated spoils are held, a water pump, a boiler to heat the water, and a positive displacement vacuum blower to pull the spoils to the tank via a boom. 877/340-8141;

  Protective Gloves

ProOperator protective gloves from TST Sweden AB are tested and certified for pressurized liquids, such as water and hydraulic fluid. They withstand the same levels of pressure as the company’s other ProOperator clothing ­­­­– 500 bar for rotary and flat jet, and 200 bar single jet. They are waterproof and have a special coating to provide good friction for secure grip on tools. They also have high ratings for cut-resistance, abrasions, tears and punctures, making them ideal for work in harsh environments. The gloves are made using durable Dyneema fiber, and have a shelf life up to three years.

  One-Piece Cleaning Nozzle

One-piece stainless steel cleaning nozzles from USB – Sewer Equipment Corporation are neither bonded nor screwed together, enhancing strength and reducing the chances of failure under pressure. Their Advanced, Optimized 3D Hydro Mechanics, located in the lower part of the chamber, eliminates pressure in the upper portion of the nozzle and prevent explosion in a sewer line or manhole. The water coming from a pressurized hose is immediately guided directly into channels and one-piece ceramic nozzle inserts, resulting in an efficient jet pattern. They remove sand, mud, silt, grease and obstructions from sewer and stormwater lines. 866/408-2814;

  Combination Machine

Vac-Con combination machines are available in configurations from 3.5- to 16-cubic-yard capacities, with hydrostatically driven two- and three-stage centrifugal compressors, or several optional positive displacement blowers up to 27 inches Hg. High-pressure, smooth-flow water systems are offered up to 120 gpm and 3,000 psi, with cross-linked polyethylene water storage tanks with total capacities up to 1,500 gallons to handle the cleaning of small- or large-diameter pipe. These machines can be equipped with a 180-degree articulating front-mounted hose reel in capacities up to 1,000 feet, and high-pressure hose diameters from 5/8 to 1 1/4 inches. Front- or rear-mounted telescopic booms are available with up to a 10-foot extension, and 8- and 10-inch tube diameter. 904/284-4200;

  Large Volume Hydroexcavator

The HXX Hydroexcavator from Vactor Manufacturing provides a safer, easy-to-use alternative for potholing, waterline repair, slot trenching, directional drilling, sign and pole installation, pipe and line installation and other large-volume excavation. It provides up to seven hours of continuous operation with the on-board water. Lower water flow results in less operator fatigue and a cleaner, more precise digging process. Features include a 12-cubic-yard debris body fabricated from corrosion- and abrasion-resistant steel; a 1,200-gallon high-density polyethylene (HDPE) water tank that retains heated water temperature longer, reducing the likelihood of freezing during operation in harsh winter weather; and a top-mounted, 7-foot hydraulic extendable boom that provides 320-degree rotation. Heated pump cabinets and a built-in boiler allow it to work on frozen ground in subzero temperatures. 800/627-3171;

  Positive Displacement Combination Cleaner

AllJetVac P Series combination sewer cleaners from Vacall use a positive displacement blower system to create the jetting and vacuum forces to efficiently open and maintain critical sewer lines. The blower system is powered by the chassis engine, which reduces fuel consumption, slashes service time and eliminates emissions. The AllSmartFlow CAN bus control system allows the operator to precisely control vacuum forces as well as water flow, using only the proper quantity of water, reducing unnecessary refill trips. Debris tanks have 6-, 8-, 10- or 12-cubic-yard capacities, while 1,000-, 1,200- and 1,500-gallon water tanks are available. They have a front-mounted, pivoting hose reel and an 8-foot, 6-inch extending boom with 180-degree rotation. 330/339-2211;


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