Waterblasting and Waterjet Cleaning and Accessories

Waterblasting and Waterjet  Cleaning and Accessories
Valve replacement assemblies

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Valve replacement assemblies

The new line of aftermarket suction/discharge valve replacement cartridge assemblies from Advanced Pressures Systems (APS) is for Jetstream 15,000 and 20,000 psi pumps. The assemblies are equal in performance to OEM components. 877/290-4277; www.waterblast.pro.


Rotating jetlance

The AJT Rotary Waterjet gun from All Jetting Technologies offers 4,800 rpm and a working pressure up to 55,000 psi. Designed for high-pressure surface preparation, the pneumatic air drill’s high rotary speed quickly and effectively cleans surfaces while reducing hazardous byproducts. The handheld jetlance weighs 10.5 pounds, has an adjustable front safety trigger, a long-life seal and no midstem bushing. The gun is customized with a 22- to 36-inch barrel. High-pressure sapphire nozzles, heat-treated for longevity and laser-etched with the sapphire size are also available. 772/286-1218; www.alljetting.com.


Trailer-mounted jetters

Max Flow trailer-mounted jetters from Amazing Machinery are available with a single jetter hose for large lines or dual jetter hose for large and small lines. The single-hose system operates with 1/2-inch hose while the dual jetter operates with 3/8- to 1/2-inch hose. All models are equipped with a rear-mounted 12V electric jetter hose reel. The jetters include curbside-mounted jetting controls, water fill tube and fender-mounted toolbox, heavy-duty trailer, compact design, and large water supply tank. 800/504-7435; www.amazingmachinery.com.


Mid-range trailer jetter

The 58 series trailer-mounted jetter from American Jetter includes user-friendly controls and Kohler power up to 40 hp, allowing it to cover a wide range of cleaning jobs. Available flow ranges from 7 to 20 gpm allow flushing from large pipes, and pressures to 5,000 psi allow root and scale removal. The main powered reel holds up to 500 feet of 3/8- or 1/2-inch jetting hose. A portable jet reel holds up to 200 feet of 3/8-inch or smaller hose and can be used indoors with included foot valve.

Optional antifreeze and recirculation systems allow for use in cold climates, and an oversized toolbox offers ample tool or camera storage. Low oil and water shutoff prevent engine and pump damage. The mid-range jetter has a 2,900-pound full-tank tow weight and a 1,300-pound empty weight, and standard 2-inch hitch. 866/944-3569; www.americanjetter.com.


Economy trailer jetter

The EJT series economy trailer jetter from Cam Spray includes a 28 hp Honda engine in flows and pressures in the following combinations: 7 gpm at 4,000 psi and 11.5 gpm at 2,700 psi. Both models feature a manual reel with 250 feet of 3/8- or 1/2-inch hose. The jetter cleans 6- to 10-inch lines.

Standard features include industrial three-plunger pump with stainless valves and ceramic plungers; power pulse valve; air purge and recirculation for freeze protection; 5-gallon fuel tank; heavy-duty trailer with close-tube frame and full metal deck on a 3,500-pound axle and includes road-ready wiring and lights with 2-inch ball hitch; and 150-gallon water tank with auto shutoff if tank runs dry. The jetter also includes a set of four nozzles, storage box, tiger tail, safety face shield, rubber gloves and high-vis safety vest. 800/648-5011; www.camspray.com.


Jetter hose and nozzles

Draincables Direct offers the 4,000 psi jetter hose and nozzles. Units are available in 1/8-, 3/16-, 1/4-, 3/8- and 1/2-inch-size IDs with lengths from 25 to 500 feet. Custom sizes are available. Four-pack jetter nozzles are available in the same sizes. 800/421-4580; www.draincables.com.


Electric and gas jetters

EJ1500 electric and EH3000 gas jetters from Electric Eel Mfg. clean 1 1/2- to 8-inch drain lines. The electric jetter cleans 1 1/2- to 4-inch-diameter lines. Features include 1.7 gpm at 1,500 psi, 1.5 hp, 15-amp motor, duplex pump with pulsation, reel capacity of 150 feet of 1/4-inch hose, pump/motor assembly that removes in seconds for added portability, thermal relief valve and inlet shutoff valve, and removable handle/reel on cart assembly.

The gas jetter cleans 2- to 8-inch-diameter lines up to 300 feet. Features include 4.7 gpm at 3,000 psi, 13 hp overhead valve engine for smooth, quiet running (electric start available), two-to-one gear reduced triplex pump with pulsation, 300-foot hose reel capacity, throttle back control automatically adjusts engine speed, and low tone muffler for quiet operation. 800/833-1212; www.electriceel.com.


Rotating nozzle

The golden jet Bulldog rotating nozzle from Enz USA is designed for operation with recycling water and freshwater. An integrated oil-free braking system results in low wear and tear, and in controlled numbers of rotation. The nozzle cleans root intrusions, grease, solids and heavy debris. It is available in 1/2- to 1 1/4-inch connecting threads and can clean pipe from 2.5 to 24 inches in diameter. 877/369-8721; www.enzusainc.com.



The HV55 HydroVax hydroexcavator from GapVax is made of 1/4-inch ASTM A571 Grade 50 steel. It has a 12 1/2-cubic-yard debris body and water tank options ranging from 400 to 1,000 gallons. The unit includes a positive displacement vacuum pump rated at 5,250 cfm with 28 inches Hg. The design prolongs the life of filter bags and eliminates the threat of material entering the vacuum pump.

The fully opening tailgate has a field-adjustable hinge and dual cylinders and also has four fail-safe, individually adjustable locks that assure a complete seal. Optional equipment includes a cold-weather recirculation package, sludge pump, auger unloading system, body pressurization system, remote pendants and wireless remotes, high rail package and stainless steel body. 888/442-7829; www.gapvax.com.


Trailer jet

The Typhoon trailer jet from General Pipe Cleaners delivers 12 gpm at 2,500 psi to clean grease, sediment and debris. A 200-gallon holding tank carries enough water to handle remote applications where access to water is limited. Two rear-mounted hose reels (a jet hose reel with 400 feet of 1/2-inch capacity featuring variable-speed electric rewind, and a water supply hose reel carrying 150 feet of 3/4-inch hose) are located next to the pressure gauge and output valve. Engine controls, including an hour meter, are mounted within easy reach in the lockable toolbox with slide action doors just below the reels.

The unit includes electric brakes, safety strobe light, three safety cones with holder, rear fold-down stabilizer jacks, retractable hose guide arm, and antifreeze system. A 24 hp Honda engine with electric start powers the durable triplex pump with Vibra-pulse to help slide the nozzle around tight bends and propel the hose down long lines. 800/245-6200; www.drainbrain.com/jets.


Industrial vacuum loader

The NX industrial vacuum loader from Guzzler Manufacturing is designed for the cleanup and recovery of solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries and thick, heavy sludge. The unit has an injection-cooled Robuschi blower that delivers 5,435 (free air) cfm with vacuum capabilities up to 28 inches Hg, enabling the operator to load more material at lower engine rpm. The vacuum loader is rated at 88.9 dB per SAE Test J1372 and features cyclone and bag houses configured together for increased efficiency and lower overall truck weight. 800/627-3171; www.guzzler.com.


Direct-drive pump

The HDP-7750 S class pump from Hammelmann Corp. is a vertical, direct-drive pump capable of delivering a variety of pressures and flow rates depending on fluid-end configuration (137 gpm at 10,000 psi, 71 gpm at 20,000 psi, 34 gpm at 43,500 psi). It is a 1,000 hp pump that can fit into a 20-foot container.

Features include a rigid base frame with anti-vibration mounting feet; Caterpillar engine in accordance with EPA/EC II; insulated spiral silencer installation with exhaust and rain cap; ES 2 electronic control and monitoring system with digital display for pump and diesel engines; pneumatic system with shaft driven compressor, air tank and bypass control; pneumatic pressure regulating valve; bypass water overflow line to tank (no water to ground); burst disc safety device; stainless steel boost pump; and stainless steel inlet filter installation. 800/783-4935; www.hammelmann.com.


Versatile reel

The versatile PW-2 series reel from Hannay Reels is designed to quickly mount to almost any type of pressure washer unit. The model is specifically manufactured for mobile and portable pressure wash equipment as well as steam cleaning, spray and washdown applications. Constructed of 12- and 14-gauge steel with a black powder-coat finish, the reel has a pressure rating of up to 4,000 psi. The reel includes adjustable split bearing brake assembly, which allows for multiple tension settings. The unit offers permanently attached direct-crank rewind and a variety of optional mounting kits and accessories are available. 877/467-3357; www.hannay.com.


Combo cleaner

The Aquatech B-10 combination cleaner from Hi-Vac Corporation is designed for catch basins, storm and sanitary sewers, lift stations and treatment plants in municipal and industrial applications. High-performance features increase productivity. The 360-degree rotating boom allows for faster positioning of the vehicle. A top-loading boom provides even load distribution, combined with a tandem axle chassis for maximum load capacity. Single-engine operation for all systems eliminates the need for two engines, reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Other features include 10-cubic-yard debris body, water tanks made with high-molecular density polyethylene, short wheelbase for easy maneuverability, cylindrical debris tank with no internal obstructions, and high-pressure, continuous flow water pump. 800/752-2400; www.aquatechinc.com.


Mobile waterblast unit

The X-Series mobile waterblast unit from Jetstream of Houston features the UNx fluid end for conversion between 5,000 and 40,000 psi operating pressures and lightweight frame for easy towing. Other features include a greaseless spread bearing PTO for reliable power transmission and reduced maintenance and integrated filter and water tank system for extended component life. 800/231-8192; www.waterblast.com.


Auto-feed reels

Roto-Reel units from NLB Corp. automatically feed and rotate high-pressure waterjet hose to efficiently clean pipes while reducing the strain on operating personnel. The automated rotation maximizes the waterjet force and helps the hose and attached rotating line mole negotiate bends.

There are two models available. The Roto-Reel 200, for smaller pipes, has a 200-foot, 1/2-inch hose and operates at pressures up to 20,000 psi. The Roto-Reel 500 has a 500-foot, 3/4- to 1-inch hose and has a maximum pressure of 10,000 psi. Both units have feed rates of up to 40 feet per minute and rotate their reels at 30 rpm. They can be air- or hydraulically powered and come skid-mounted with a protective cage. A wide range of rotating line moles are available, featuring operating pressures, left- or right-hand threads and standard or custom drill patterns to suit user needs. 800/441-5059; www.nlbcorp.com.


Six rear jets

The JAWS nozzle from NozzTeq includes six rear stainless/ceramic jets to provide maximum thrust and cleaning power along with the jetting conduit/tube system. A better grip allows users to change sled sizes for more range of cleaning from 6- to 30-inch pipes. The nozzle is made of high-grade stainless steel with SBR rubber cover to protect the conduit system. Sleds are available in sizes from 6 to 8 inches, 8 to 10 inches, 10 to 12 inches, and 15 inches and up. The unit is made for all types of lines including storm, water and sewer. 866/620-5915; www.nozzteq.com.


Light-duty reels

Series CU hose reels from Reelcraft Industries are designed for light-duty applications that require long lengths of low-pressure air/water hose. The hand-crank reels include a balanced brass swivel and brass inlet and have corrosion-resistant powder-coat paint. All reels feature a drag break to prevent de-spooling when reel is not in use. The unit is economical for storing and retrieving hose. 800/444-3134; www.reelcraft.com.


Two-nozzle jetter

The KJ-3100 waterjetter from RIDGID offers a fast and effective method for removing pipe obstructions like roots and mud. Powered by a 16 hp gasoline engine, the unit uses a full 3,000 psi working pressure and a flow of 5 1/2 gpm to clear blockages in 2- to 10-inch-diameter drains. Designed for easy maneuverability, the unit also comes with a propulsion nozzle that helps carry a 200-foot hose, and a penetrating nozzle for cutting through ice and sludge. 800/769-7743; www.ridgid.com.


Pressure washer package

The TRS-2500 standard trailer-mounted pressure washer package from Shark Jetters and Pressure Washers includes a self-contained water tank. The trailer provides a high degree of portability and the flexibility of pulling water from the onboard water tank or from a garden hose supply.

Features include industrial undercarriage with leaf-spring suspension of a maximum of 3,500 pounds; high-density, 200-gallon white polyethylene water tank; 4.7 gpm at 3,500 psi hot-water pressure washer skid with electric start and generator (battery installed); high- and low-pressure hose reels, two saddle boxes and rock guard; three-way ball valves for switching between freshwater hookups and supply tank; cool bypass for extended run times by circulating water back through the tank; and 39-inch tongue with swing-away hinge for easy storage. 800/771-1881; www.sharkpw.com.


Quiet-engine jetter

The Soldier hydrojetter from Spartan Tool offers 3,000 psi at 12 gpm, with noise-dampening engine shrouding, a complete antifreeze system and 200-gallon water tank. It cleans lines to 15 inches and has a 27 hp gasoline engine. The unit includes a washdown kit for job site cleanup, 75 feet of 1/4-inch hose for small drain lines, and a hose protector for long hose life. 800/435-3866; www.spartantool.com.


High-quality reels

High-quality hose reels from Steel Eagle use heavy-duty super swivels rated at 4,000 psi and 325 degrees. The reels include 200-degree swivel to provide optimum travel range for the hose, a hose holder that provides the option of coupling the hose to the reel to keep it securely attached, a locking shaft collar to hold the reel in place, double bearing design with stainless steel shaft to allow the reel to turn easily, a durable lock pin to prevent unwanted reel rotation, a hose guide to allow for easy winding of the hose and an adjustable friction brake which eliminates backlash when unwinding. The heavy-gauge cold-rolled metal construction can hold 100 feet of 3/8-inch high-pressure hose with a durable powder-coat paint. 800/447-3942; www.steeleagle.com.


Thrusting sewer nozzle

The Warthog WHP-3/4 sewer nozzle from StoneAge Inc. offers strong forward thrust, easy field maintenance, replaceable nozzle tips, and handles long distances and inclines. The nozzle cleans 6- to 18-inch lines. The rear-facing jets are angled sharply and the centralizer fins are trimmed back. The nozzle features five jet ports, including a boring jet offset at 15 degrees, and four jets at 172 degrees. 866/795-1586; www.stoneagetools.com.


Compact pump

The Compact pump series from Thompson Pump is available in diesel-drive portable sizes of 4 and 6 inches. The lightweight system offers a small size, few parts and low maintenance. The series includes the Enviroprime system, which keeps pumpage from discharging into the environment. The series is available with automatic start/stop and Silent Knight sound attenuation. 800/767-7310; www.thompsonpump.com.


One-piece nozzles

One-piece stainless steel cleaning nozzles from USB – Sewer Equipment Corporation are neither bonded nor screwed together. The nozzles’ 3D hydromechanics, located in the lower part of the chamber, eliminate pressure in the upper portion of the nozzles and prevent explosion in sewer lines or manholes. Water coming from a pressurized hose is immediately guided into channels and directed into one-piece ceramic nozzle inserts, which do not require winglets or flow-straighteners.

The nozzles are made according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and remove sand, mud, silt, grease and obstructions from sewer and stormwater lines. The nozzles include the Antiblaster Nozzle 3D, the Flying Nozzle 3D, the Cleaning Nozzle 3D and the FJ Penetrator Nozzle 3D. 866/408-2814; www.usbsec.com.


Industrial cleaner

The AllVac industrial vacuum machine from Vacall offers a high-quality vacuum and filtration design for high productivity and long life. Twin cyclones ensure wet, dry and fine materials are separated to create clean air. The unit operates with a single engine that controls the chassis and vacuum system, resulting in less fuel consumption and less noise.

Features include an air cannon cleaning system that operates continually and resets after every cycle, universal filter bags that maximize volume of airflow, hinged twin-cyclone top door for access to duct work for easy decontamination, fail-safe tailgate design that opens/closes and locks with one control, control panel with multi-pin connector to join the control panel with circuit breakers to the electrical harness, poured-in-gasket seals for toughness and longevity, oversized dump chutes, and one-man safety prop that allows engagement of the body prop by one person. 800/382-8302; www.vacallindustries.com.


Dual-action water pump

The dual-action, single-piston, 3,000 psi JetRodder water pump from Vactor Manufacturing is designed for sewer cleaning and delivers additional capabilities of high pressure when needed to scour pipes.

The hydraulically driven unit contains five moving parts. The pump has a hydraulic cylinder on one side of a sealed center block and a water cylinder on the other side. A single shaft with specially constructed piston heads is slowly driven back and forth. The pump is constantly loading and expelling hydraulic oil and water. The slow stroke design reduces friction and provides long field life with low maintenance. There are no belts to adjust or maintain. The unit does not depend on water for lubrication or cooling. 800/627-3171; www.vactor.com.


Dry-run pump

The Dri-Prime NC150 pump from Godwin, a Xylem brand, is a compact pump with flow capabilities up to 1,767 gpm and discharge heads up to 195 feet. The pump features Flygt N-technology with a self-cleaning hydraulic impeller. NC Series pumps deliver high efficiency, resulting in low energy and fuel costs while reducing downtime.

Features includes an automatic self-priming system that primes and re-primes from dry up to 28 feet without operator assistance or foot valve control; non-clog performance; Hard-Iron (60 HRC) impeller and insert ring; dry-running high-pressure oil bath mechanical seal with highly abrasion-resistant silicon carbide faces; and close-coupled centrifugal pump mounted to a diesel engine or electric motor for easy pump-end or engine/motor changeover in the field. The pump can be customized with highway trailer, skid-mounts or quiet enclosure. It is also available as a Godwin DBS for pump station backup. 856/467-3636; www.godwinpumps.com.


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