CIPP Lining Methods and Projects

CIPP Lining Methods and Projects
Felt liners

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Felt liners

Applied Felts offers a full line of felt liners for CIPP installations. All liners are manufactured in one location and are subjected to a multistage testing system. They meet conditions for pipes from 3 to 120 inches. Resin types include polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy, while available coatings are polyurethane and PVC. The liners configure to meet a variety of installation and impregnation methods. 276/656-1904;


Streamlined cutter

The Dominator 430 from Bowman Tool Company & Systems is a 72-pound reinstatement cutter designed to operate in 6- to 30-inch lined pipe. There is no external air tube, giving the cutter a streamlined design. The head assembly is a pinion-less, quick-change design with only one adjustable gib to reduce adjustment time.

The device is configured for lateral reinstatement with the Bowman 0.8 hp or 1.2 hp crossflow air motor. Optimum performance is reached with the 2.5 hp geared air motor, which reduces reinstatement time by 80 percent. The cutter can be disassembled and reassembled in 30 minutes with the simple design with only eight moving parts. All electric motors are isolated at the end of the cutter in a watertight chamber, eliminating water damage and allowing for easy access. The cutter is manufactured from temper-hardened stainless steel and bronze to cut tough liners, including UV liners. 717/432-1403;


Joint seal system

The HydraTite internal joint seal system from Cretex Specialty Products is a mechanical, trenchless remediation for the repair of pipe joints. Made to eliminate infiltration and exfiltration, the system has a rubber seal that spans the joint and is held in place by stainless steel retaining bands, hydraulically expanded and locked in place. Each seal is custom-made to ensure compliance with project specifications and is a recognized method of joint repair by AWWA manual M28. 800/345-3764;


Grout rehabilitation

CUES portable and truck-mounted grout rehabilitation systems can be equipped with the latest CCTV equipment for television inspection. Applications include joint testing and sealing of mainline and lateral joints, manholes, junction boxes, large-diameter pipes, or any other low-pressure waterproofing application.

All systems can be configured to run urethane, acrylimide and acrylate grouts. Dry freight box (for export) and trailer-mounted systems are available, along with grout packers for mainline and lateral sealing. The company also offers TV/grout/lateral reinstatement trucks as all-in-one production units. 800/327-7791;


Air-powered cutter

The air-powered Titan 150 cutter from Envirosight delivers 1 3/4 hp at 12,000 gpm, has two-axis articulation, and a cutter arm that reaches up to nine inches and sweeps 400 degrees. Horizontal front-cutting and variable-speed arm articulation allow for precise cutting. The unit is available with a dedicated control interface or adaptable to CUES CCTV crawler control equipment. A pan-tilt color camera provides real-time footage, while the vane motor prevents overheating. The lightweight hose gives the cutter a 400-foot crawling range. Options include diamond-impregnated Kadrian bits delivering up to 100 hours of cutting. Hundreds of bit styles are available. 866/936-8476;


Manhole liner

The cured-in-place manhole liner from LMK Technologies is a one-piece resin-saturated liner designed to renew structural defects and reduce I&I. The one-size-fits-all lining system works in cold and warm weather by adjusting resin mixtures and cure times. The liner can be installed as a structural chimney seal or full-depth CIPP manhole lining and cures in one to two hours at ambient temperatures. The cured-in-place seal resists freeze-thaw conditions. 815/433-1275;


Inversion drum

The MaxCannon 400 from MaxLiner USA is a stainless steel drum made of noncorrosive metal parts. It comes with 6-inch Storz coupling and adapters for CIPP curing with hot water or air. Overall size is 24 by 20 by 18 inches with a maximum working pressure of 36.75 psi. A 1/2-inch pressure relief valve and 1/2-inch pressure reducer are mounted to the drum. The unit installs up to 38.88 feet of 6-inch liner in one shot and is IPC and IRC compliant. 276/656-1225;


CIPP packers

Multi-Flex CIPP packers from Petersen Products have a fixed inflated diameter independent of the pipeline to bridge across broken sections for a continuous pipe inside diameter. The lightweight packers are available in Point Repair and Lateral Joint “T” models. The Point Repair model ranges from 3 1/2- to 48-inch diameter while the Lateral Joint “T” model ranges from 4- to 24-inch mainline diameter. They are available with or without flow-through bypass. The packers are manufactured for high-temperature and severe chemical applications. 800/926-1926;


Inversion equipment

Sewer lateral lining inversion equipment from Quik-Lining Systems is easy to operate and makes CIPP installation simple. It comes in a compact design for use anywhere lining is needed, including basements, roofs and easements. The equipment feeds unlimited lengths of 3- to 8-inch lateral lining material. 714/296-5262;


Fiberglass-reinforced liners

The BLUE-TEK family of fiberglass-reinforced CIPP liners from Reline America is manufactured in a spiralwinding process. They are design-engineered with the option of combining RA120 or RA75 glass with either polyester or vinyl ester resin. The liners work in 6- to 48-inch pipes and span up to 1,000 feet between manholes. The process requires job site mixing of chemicals or excavation, making it possible to rehabilitate damaged lines in hard-to-reach areas. The UV-light-cured liners are installed with a tamper-proof, computerized Quality-Tracker System that documents every foot of the curing process to ensure a quality installation. The liners are ISO 9001:2008 certified. 866/998-0808;


Pipe renewal

The SAERTEX-LINER from SAERTEX multiCom offers the next generation of cured-in-place liners. An enviromentally friendly, tight-fitting, high strength GRP liner with wall thicknesses of 3-12 mm. The glass fiber liner, impregnated with polyester resin, is pulled into the old pipe through a manhole and UV-cured. High-performance UV resin cures up to six feet per minute. The liner rehabilitates pipes from 4 to 50 inches. 704/584-4059;


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