What Is Your Least Favorite Call?

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In this video, @theplumbersplunger shares his experience dealing with one of his least favorite plumbing jobs: overflowing urinals. Faced with two out of three urinals in a men’s restroom overflowing when flushed, the team initially suspected a diaphragm issue. However, after replacing the diaphragms, the problem persisted. That’s when this plumber stepped in, recognizing it was a drain issue. He had to remove the urinals from the wall to clean them properly. The smell was overwhelming and lingered for the rest of the day. Once cleaned out, he reinstalled the urinals, which flushed perfectly.

Dealing with overflowing urinals is the worst call @theplumbersplunger can receive. What’s your most dreaded job?

@theplumbersplunger One of the most disgusting jobs a plumber has to do. Pulling a urinal to clear the drain. #plumbing #plumber #drain #trades #fyp #longervideos ♬ original sound - The Plumbers Plunger


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