Plumbing Pains: What’s Your Worst Injury Tale?

What’s the worst injury you’ve had while plumbing? Plumbing is often considered a tough and gritty profession, with plumbers encountering various challenges and dangers on the job. From navigating tight spaces to handling heavy machinery, the risks are plentiful. But what about injuries? Plumbers, like any other tradesperson, can find themselves facing unexpected health issues resulting from their work. 

One such example comes from @cheddarsplumbingco, who shared his story of the worst injury he's had while plumbing. Surprisingly, it wasn't a nasty fall or a deep cut from sharp tools. Instead, it was something far less expected — a massive plantar wart on the bottom of his foot.

The wart developed after a customer flushed while he was working and it soiled his boots. Initially, he didn't think much of it. However, as time passed, the wart grew to the size of a golf ball! The plumber finally went to the podiatrist to find the wart was the largest he had ever seen. In fact, it was so remarkable that the podiatrist even took a picture for his wife.


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