Mastering Mother Nature: A Plumber's Battle with Storm Drains

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In plumbing, every day brings new challenges, especially when nature decides to throw a curveball. Join @cheddarsplumbingco on site as they tackle numerous clogged storm drains caused by lots of  heavy rainfall.

The parking lot, transformed into a puddle by days of rain, presents a challenging task for the plumbers. Wading through ankle-deep water, they discover storm drains each piped differently, adding complexity to the job.

Even with precautions like standing in plastic tubs to avoid drenching their boots, the relentless downpours have taken their toll. A sump pump is brought in to drain the water and provide a clearer view of the situation. A trip to Home Depot uncovers one solution: plastic rain boots. Armed with new protection, the plumbers return the following day, ready to tackle the challenge head-on.

With the addition of a second sump pump and a network of PVC pipes, they are determined to restore functionality to the parking lot. They then open the grate to the storm drain to deploy a snake to clear the obstructions.

After two days of battling the elements and countless visits to Home Depot, victory is achieved. This peek into a plumber's day shows how flexibility is necessary when dealing with nature's challenges.


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