What's Behind Your Blockages?

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Drains can become clogged for all sorts of reasons; grease, tree roots and toiletries are only a few. Jobs can range from a quick fix to an entire replumb in some instances. It’s all about experimenting and problem-solving skills to figure out the best solution for the customer and their situation. In this video TikTok plumber, @theplumbersplunger, takes us along on his journey to find what’s behind this blockage of a sewer line.

@theplumbersplunger What is clogging this buildings sewer line? Lets find out. #plumbing #plumber #drain #draingang #sewer #fyp #plumbinglife ♬ original sound - The Plumbers Plunger

The clean-out was overflowing along with all of the drains in the home running over. The issue had to be between the clean-out and the city tap. 

The plumber tries two different heads on his cable but proves unsuccessful. He also mentions they may have left the test ball inside the line knowing this is a new build, but that was not it either. Next he decides to vacuum all the sewage from the line to inspect it with his RIDGID SeeSnake. 

The plumber shares his findings from the camera and it is clear to see that the line has collapsed. This job was more than met the eye. He then goes on to dig up the line – with the customer’s approval of course. The rest of the line was also in a collapsed condition and will need to be replaced. The plumber ends with temporarily restoring service until he is able to come and replace the line.


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