Are Jetting Tools Worth the Investment?

Having a plan to successfully sell your services is one step to seeing a return on your investment in jetting equipment

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Are Jetting Tools Worth the Investment?

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If you are looking around and considering a jetter or tool purchase, you have probably asked yourself, “Is this really worth it?” 

Perhaps you have price-checked equipment or some of the high-end jetting tools on the market and wondered the same thing. Like any good investment you consider for your business, it has to have a return. So what return do you expect from jetting?

Here are a few things we’ve heard from happy Jetters Northwest customers about the returns they expected and realized from their investment in jetting.

Make money: This one probably seems obvious. Of course investments should provide a financial return. But let’s not glaze over this one too quickly. It doesn’t matter if you are replacing toilet flappers or jetting, you have to sell your jobs. If you are confident in your ability to sell and perform a service and have a strategy, you will make money. The businesses I’ve dealt with that didn’t exceed their own expectations for jetting income were the ones that didn’t have a plan. If done correctly, jetting service has the potential to be the most profitable part of your business. Many of our customers have reported paying back their investment in days, weeks or months.

Play defense: Customers are getting savvy to jetting and will request it. The internet has provided the average consumer with the ability not just to find a service provider, but also the information to know what service is best for the problem they are having. Providing jetting is a good way to keep customers, like property managers and facility maintenance departments, from looking for (and finding) other vendors.

Avoid lost time: Second only to downtime from equipment breakdowns, leaving a job unsuccessful is expensive. The wasted time and damage from loss of customer confidence can’t be recovered. Jetting with the right tools will accomplish jobs that other methods can’t. Your jetting equipment can fail to perform tough jobs if you have invested in undersized equipment or haven’t added the right tools to your kit.

Diversification: Business segments can ebb and flow. Perhaps you have steady repair business but remodeling and new construction are slow. Maybe you find yourself referring work to other companies while your employees are not staying busy. A diversified (but not fragmented) business is on a stronger foundation.

We at Jetters Northwest consider ourselves to be service providers, not just salesmen. I celebrate my customers’ success, and enjoy hearing from customers who are seeing returns from jetting. Hopefully through our service and support we can be part of your company’s success also. Happy jetting!

John McBride is the Jetters Northwest Production Manager.

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