NuCure CCUV: More Than Just Fast Cure

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NuCure CCUV: More Than Just Fast Cure

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There’s a lot of talk regarding differences in light curing systems these days, so here’s some perspective.  

Light curing cuts CIPP installation times dramatically — from several hours to just minutes; that’s true across all systems. But there are some important differences to take into consideration. 

To cure properly, all systems require a wavelength of light that is appropriately matched to the properties of the resin used. The NuFlow NuCure equipment and liners are precisely calibrated to our proprietary resin, and the result is a more controlled reaction with a low peak exotherm and a short exotherm duration, resulting in minimal excess heat for a true "cold cure."  

Cold cure is energy efficient, doesn’t require additional active cooling, and typically results in longer-lasting equipment. The active air cooling some processes utilize can also result in internal condensation, which results in light refraction thus interfering with the curing process. 

“Density of cure” refers to the levels of uncured resin present after the curing process is complete. The NuCure system features an extremely high curing density (above 99%) with tests indicating no detectable levels of uncured resin. This dense cure results in exceptionally high heat deflection temperature enabling the NuCure CCUV liners to be utilized in very high temperature applications. In fact, the NuCure system was specifically selected for use in a brewery application because the fluids reached temperatures higher than some lining materials could handle. 

Beyond resin and light wavelength, the methods by which the liner is installed also matters. NuFlow’s Precision PIP (push or pull in place) system allows for precise liner placement, enabling certified contractors to easily avoid under-shots or over-shots during liner insertion (absolutely critical when lining “blind shot” branch pipes) and to ensure that joints and fittings near the end of the liner are properly sealed with extremely precise and reliable placement. Precision PIP also avoids compressing air up the pipe and precludes "burping" traps and toilets and aerosolizing their contents into the buildings. 

Finally, the design of the liner tube is also a critical part of any light cured CIPP system. NuFlow’s Resin Protection System enables superior containment of the resin, which, along with fast cure times, greatly reduces the risks associated with resin bleeding, migration and resin slugs up remote branch connections. Keeping the resin where it should be enables it to cure properly, because resin that migrates into branch lines and away from the light source will remain uncured and can be difficult to clean out. 

While fast curing times are a boon to the industry, ensuring installer efficiency and customer satisfaction requires attention to other critical details about the curing system utilized. NuFlow has the solutions. If you have questions, technical or otherwise, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We hope you will see the light and join the NuFlow family of certified contractors. 

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