A Well-Maintained Cutter is a Reliable Cutter

This free logbook simplifies proper maintenance of your rehab cutter and makes it easier to track wear and damage for future reference

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A Well-Maintained Cutter is a Reliable Cutter

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Your cutter can get pretty beat up in the sewers, which makes regular maintenance really important. Regular maintenance can keep it running strong longer; but for a busy crew, maintenance can fall by the wayside at the end of a long day. The more often you forget to clean and check your cutter, the more damage is done — leading to downtime, decreased productivity and lost revenue. Sewer rehabilitation contractors must protect their investment and business by ensuring that their equipment is in optimum working condition.  

Downtime, already a big problem, becomes even worse when it could have been prevented with regular maintenance. Daily maintenance doesn’t only involve cleaning. It’s also the time to proactively check the cutter and hose for problems like hose damage, loose bolts and failing seals before they cause bigger problems like water ingress and loss of power while in a line. Taking the time to inspect your cutter before use limits the chances of a catastrophic failure while in use. And inspecting at the end of the day gives operators a chance to check for and document any damage the cutter and hose may have incurred during use.

To help your rehabilitation crews track maintenance and make sure your cutter is cleaned and inspected regularly, Envirosight created a Rehab Cutter Maintenance Logbook. This logbook will simplify the maintenance process and make it easier to track damage for future reference. This logbook provides clear, easy-to-follow steps for maintaining your cutter and leaves you with a log of what was done when and by whom. Request your cutter maintenance logbook here.


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