What’s the strangest burst pipe job you’ve been called to? Take a peek at this doozy.

It’s no shattered backboard or record-breaking 3-pointers, but the shot clock must have run out on this burst pipe. A warped basketball court is making headlines after a water pipe burst underneath a school gymnasium.

According to an article on BleacherReport.com, a Reddit user posted this snapshot of what happened to a basketball court after a pipe burst underneath the wood.

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One commenter — a plumber — offed up some pipe knowledge to explain that this lumpy phenomenon is called “under respiratory fracture.” Although any Reddit source advice should be taken with a grain of salt. Obviously, the pipe that regulates pressure under the court somehow malfunctioned and broke, which in turn released all the pressure right under the court. A self-proclaimed “floor guy” responded with an explanation that the wood soaked up the water from the burst pipe, which caused it to expand since the water has to go somewhere — hence the wavy-looking floor. 

Could you image shooting hoops on this court? Talk about sprained ankles! 

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What’s the strangest burst pipe job you’ve been called to? Post a comment below!

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