Unparalleled Production for Lateral Launching and Cross-Bore Inspection

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Unparalleled Production for Lateral Launching and Cross-Bore Inspection

The CUES LAMP II can be used to remedy potential cross bore risks and to aid in locating buried assets. The LAMP II (Lateral and Mainline Probe II) is an inspection tool for identifying infiltration and inflow, potential cross bores, pipe defects, and structural conditions in lateral services and mainlines.

The LAMP II with the optional mini pan-and-tilt camera will inspect laterals services and traverse multiple bends and wyes when deployed with or against the flow. Mainline inspection is accomplished with a pan, tilt and 40:1 zoom camera. The LAMP II can pull 1,000 feet of video cable, reducing traffic control expenses while increasing production, and launch 150 feet or more into the lateral. The mini pan-and-tilt camera includes a detachable steering wand, self-leveling camera head, built-in lens wiper, 360-degrees pan and tilt, four banks of LEDs with variable light intensity, and a built-in sonde with switchable frequencies.

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