I&I Woes? Start Solving Them With the ROVVER X

Identify the costly I&I impacting your system with the ROVVER X sewer inspection crawler

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I&I Woes? Start Solving Them With the ROVVER X

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Inflow and infiltration can overwhelm your sewer system, sap treatment capacity and send costs skyrocketing. ROVVER X is your tool to keep it all in check, helping you track down I&I at its source so you can plan repairs.

  • Steerable six-wheel drive overcomes obstacles, helping you inspect even the most problematic pipes.
  • Built-in laser measurement tools help you size up cracks, voids, joint separations and other major sources of I&I.
  • Onboard reporting lets you enter defect codes to quickly gain systemwide insight.
  • Built-in macros automate joint scanning, inspection of lateral connections and more.
  • Add-on technologies like laser profiling, side scanning and lateral launch provide additional diagnostic information.

The first step to solving a problem is defining it. ROVVER X gives you the power to gain a comprehensive understanding of sewer condition quickly and capably. See firsthand why it's such a popular inspection crawler.

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