An Increased Standard for Lateral Launch with the SAT II

The ROVVER X SAT II from Envirosight offers unmatched speed, capability and uptime

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An Increased Standard for Lateral Launch with the SAT II

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The new ROVVER X SAT II lateral launch inspection crawler from Envirosight finds gas line cross bores and illicit flows with speed and versatility. Redesigned from the ground up, it offers unprecedented range and speed, powerful aiming and launching mechanisms, and three onboard cameras.

Extended speed and range

The ROVVER X SAT II is engineered to perform cross bore inspections faster and farther. Its steerable 8x8 drivetrain reaches crawl speeds of 98 feet per minute with a range of 984 feet, and the camera head launches 147 feet into laterals at up to 23 feet per minute. Which means the SAT II launches twice as fast and 50% farther than Envirosight’s previous model. With quicker inspections, you succeed in accomplishing more per deployment and more per hour. 

Boosted productivity

The ROVVER X SAT II works faster and more efficiently so you can meet quotas on budget and on time. Its new, patent-pending belt drive minimizes push rod wear and tear and increases uptime and productivity. There are no abrasive wheels to shred your push rod — and the mechanism is designed for easy cleaning and toolless belt changes in the field. When your team spends less time on maintenance, it has more time for conducting sewer inspections.

Powerful traction and agility

With steerable eight-wheel drive, ROVVER X SAT II equips you to maneuver past mainline obstacles like debris, sludge, roots, offsets and protruding taps. Quickly swap out rubber, abrasive and carbide wheel options to maximize traction in a wide range of pipe conditions and materials.

Outstanding versatility

The ROVVER X SAT II adapts to challenging and varied underground environments. Its wheels can be swapped without tools, and launch tube extensions can be custom-cut from standard PVC tubes to address challenging lateral geometries. All told, it offers launch capabilities in pipes from 6 to 80 inches in diameter. The crawler’s unique hinged body bends through vertical accesses as narrow as 12.5 inches in diameter, and locks rigid when not needed.

Lower cost-of-ownership

The patent-pending belt-driven mechanism pushes the launch rod with maximum force and minimum wear. The design, which is easy to clean and has field-replaceable belts, is intended to increase uptime and keep maintenance costs low.

Enhanced insight

There's little you'll miss with the ROVVER X SAT II's three onboard cameras:

  1. A launch camera with 360-degree pan articulation and +150/-30-degree tilt
  2. A five megapixel aiming camera that offers digital pan/tilt/zoom capability for pinpoint launching in any size line
  3. A rear-facing camera to help manage cable during reverse crawl

Other built-in sensors monitor pressure, inclination and travel distance. Twin sonde transmitters allow accurate location of crawler and launch camera. 

Whether you're locating dangerous cross bores or identifying structural defects, Envirosight is putting you in the driver’s seat for the most efficient, most dynamic sewer inspection experience possible. See Envirosight’s new ROVVER X SAT II in action:

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