Getting More from Manhole Inspections

How often do you inspect your manholes? Learn how a manhole inspection strategy can help you reduce I&I with Envirosight’s free white paper.

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Getting More from Manhole Inspections

Inspecting sewer lines can help you identify I&I sources and address any problem areas — but that’s not the only inspection you should prioritize. Modern manhole inspections could also save you high treatment costs and expensive regulatory action. Envirosight’s white paper, Rethinking Manhole Inspection: A New Way to Reduce I&I Quickly and Cost-Effectively, outlines why the inspection of manholes can sometimes be more effective than pipeline evaluation at increasing system efficiency.

The sheer volume of defect-ridden manholes in our sewer infrastructure is proof enough that manhole inspections are critical now more than ever. And these underground access points are failing at a rate much faster than sewer pipeline. There are an estimated 20 million manholes in the United States, and more than half were installed before 1960. Moreover, one study found that in some cases up to 90% of I&I present in a system came from failing manholes. Manholes are at a higher risk for inflow or infiltration than pipelines because they are subject to more surface stresses than sewer pipelines. Municipalities can save money by addressing I&I-ridden manholes, not only in rehabilitation and repair costs but also by avoiding excess water treatment costs. The paper further discusses many other reasons why manhole inspections should take precedence and provides industry examples.

Many individuals are also looking for guidance when navigating the many different manhole inspection solutions in today’s market.

The technology available has improved substantially over the last decade, making it a worthwhile investment compared to the visual inspections and confined-space entry of years past — if the right equipment is purchased. The paper discusses the many considerations municipalities and municipal contractors should keep in mind when evaluating different manhole inspection solutions.

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