Do Double Duty With Your Jetter Truck

Your jetter truck is now a camera truck with the new Jetscan HD video nozzle

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Do Double Duty With Your Jetter Truck

Winner of Environmental Protection's New Product of the Year for both Wastewater and New Technology/Industry, Jetscan makes it easier than ever to clean and inspect sewer lines. 

  • Wi-Fi streaming –Wirelessly stream footage to your phone or tablet once Jetscan is out of the manhole. No more SD cards.
  • Cloud-enabled workflow – Upload footage to WinCan Web for secure, effortless sharing and storage.
  • Wireless charging – No plugs or batteries to charge, just use the wireless charging base.
  • Quick-change sleds – Jetscan mounts tool-free in different size sleds to suit different size lines.
  • Multidiameter capability – Capture high-definition video in lines under 6 inches and up to 24 inches.

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