CUES Introduces the PEARPOINT Flexiprobe P540c Portable Push System

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CUES Introduces the PEARPOINT Flexiprobe P540c Portable Push System

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CUES is proud to introduce the Pearpoint Flexiprobe P540c portable push system. The Pearpoint Flexiprobe P540c is a user-friendly, extremely reliable, and dependable push camera system. Engineered to provide all-day use in rugged conditions, the Flexiprobe P540c offers a variety of rods for different applications. 

The P540c is equipped with a new upgraded command module, which is capable of producing automatic survey reports. Also, the new command module can be used on any of the six available push systems and can be used continuously for up to five hours on a single charge. A choice of a 1- or 2-inch camera is available and they can be used interchangeably between most systems. Finally, a built-in 512 hz sonde is provided for locating purposes.


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