Waste Processing Facility Expansion Provides New Opportunities

Cleaning work is only part of the equation for JG Environmental. The company is ensuring it can truly promote itself as a one-stop shop by providing customers waste disposal options as well.

Waste Processing Facility Expansion Provides New Opportunities

Jim Guerin and son Jim Guerin II of JG Environmental in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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The ability to process waste has been a huge selling point for JG Environmental. It’s part of what allows the Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based company to bill itself as a one-stop shop for environmental waste solutions. 

And soon JG Environmental plans on building on that further by more than doubling its treatment capacity with a facility upgrade.

“Right now, everything is above-ground. We’re bringing the waste in, we’re putting it directly into a dumpster, and we’re solidifying it,” says owner Jim Guerin. “The addition is building two 8,000-gallon pits that are going to allow us to process waste much quicker and more efficiently, so we’re really excited about that.”

It will produce operational changes across the business, but Guerin has never been afraid of change if it means an opportunity for growth. He started the company in 2008, which meant a daring jump from a reliable, full-time job with another company to an independent operation right in the middle of a recession. Throughout the company’s history Guerin has taken on big jobs and expanded his company whenever the moment was right, growing from a one-man outfit working from home in the beginning to current numbers of 17 employees and 12 trucks.

“Business really took off when we purchased and moved into property as well,” Guerin says of a previous move that eliminated 3 miles between a rented office and the shop. “Combining administration and operations really helped us with synergy and helped us get focused. And we became much more efficient as well. Then I wanted to add a processing facility.”

The expansion of the processing facility will be located on a piece of property the company bought two years ago, across the street from its current office and shop site.

“It’s going to displace the area where we currently park a lot of trucks outside during the summertime. We bought the property two years ago, thinking this was going to happen,” Guerin says.

He says he has even thought about using the expansion as an opportunity to take in outside waste from other contractors and produce another revenue stream for the company.

“There’s competition out there that can only do residual waste, and there are very few that can do municipal and residual waste. So that’s a big plus for us,” Guerin says. “We can go and not only give the proposal to do the same (cleaning work that other companies are) doing, but then we can also haul (all of the waste) away and dispose of it, instead of subbing that out to somebody else. That’s why I say we are a one-stop shop.”

Keep an eye out for a full profile about JG Environmental in a future issue of Cleaner magazine.


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