Video: Contractor Uses CCTV to Rescue Pup Trapped in Drain

Plumbing contractor called in to save newborn puppy that was stuck head-first 35 feet under Phoenix home.
Video: Contractor Uses CCTV to Rescue Pup Trapped in Drain
A plumbing contractor was called in to rescue a newborn puppy stuck head-first inside a drainpipe under a Phoenix home. Police officers discovered the puppy after raiding the home for a drug-related search warrant.

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A newborn puppy — still too small to open her eyes — was rescued in Phoenix Aug. 21 after being trapped in a drainpipe for nearly 10 hours, according to local news reports.

Phoenix police officers raided the home near 39th Avenue and Buckeye Road for a drug-related search warrant. They found a dog and two of her puppies in the backyard. They then found a third puppy that was trapped head-first inside the pipe with the use of a CCTV inspection camera. Officials say they believe the litter of puppies was born on the lawn near the open drainage pipe.

“We had her on camera the whole time so we could see that she was breathing, moving around,” Nicole McCormick of the Arizona Humane Society told ABC 15 News. “We tried to make contraptions out of coat hangers, just making loops and little hooks to try to snag her, but it just wasn’t working because it was so tight.”

After initial attempts by authorities on the scene failed they called Ken Brown, a plumber and owner of On Track Services, who donated his time and efforts to eventually free the puppy, which was stuck 35 feet into the pipe under the home.

“You’re just thinking, ‘I got to get him out, got to get him out,” Brown told the local ABC affiliate. “And you just start ripping and tearing into someone else’s house just to get him out.”

The puppy was taken to the Arizona Humane Society where it was reunited with its mother, but the tiny puppy died less than 48 hours later.

"This is a very sad reality of the work that we do and while we are devastated, we are extremely grateful to those who played a part in her rescue which allowed her to be reunited with her mother and siblings," the humane society said.

The rest of the litter of puppies and their mom will be placed with a foster family for about two months before they will be eligible for adoption.

Source: ABC 15, FOX 10


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