Torrent 200 is a Powerful Tank Cleaning Tool

3-D head focuses 200 gpm in an optimized spray pattern

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Torrent 200 is a Powerful Tank Cleaning Tool
The Torrent 200 features two high-velocity water jets mounted on a rotating head. The water jets spin vertically while the head spins horizontally resulting in complete 3-D coverage.

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The Torrent 200 3-D waterjet head from NLB combines high flow with high horsepower to increase the efficiency of tank, tote and reactor cleaning. It is rated at up to 200 gpm (757 lpm) and 2,300 hp (1,715 kW).

Like other NLB 3-D heads, the Torrent 200 rotates horizontally while two high-velocity water jets spin vertically, driven by the flow of high-pressure water (20,000 psi or 1,400 bar). 

This 3-D action produces complete 360-degree coverage of the interior walls, reducing cleaning time and automating a process that previously required personnel to enter a tank and be exposed to risk.

In large vessels, the head is typically attached to a telescoping lance and positioned to produce the optimum angle.

Like the smaller Torrent 50, the Torrent 200 features carbide orifices in the rotating nozzles and a magnetic brake that makes it easy to adjust the rotation speed. 

Maintenance is simplified by easy-to-replace seals that last hundreds of hours between changes. The head is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel for long life with a variety of nozzle arm sizes and configurations to suit user needs.

Watch a video demonstration of the Torrent 200 in action:

Jim Van Dam is the director of product development and marketing for NLB.

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