Our 10 Most Popular Stories of 2014

Our 10 Most Popular Stories of 2014

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As the end of the year approaches, here’s a recap of some of the top stories on Cleaner.com. If you missed any of these, now is your chance to catch up. Enjoy this look back at 2014.

10. Time Out! Burst Pipe Causes Lumpy Mess
The shot clock obviously ran out on a water pipe that burst beneath the wood basketball court of a school gymnasium. Survey the damage with this snapshot that made headlines when a photo of the warped boards was posted online.

9. Why Your Truck Wrap Design Stinks
“Truck wraps aren’t cheap, so it’s a shame to see them done badly,” says marketing expert Dan Antonelli, who shares six tips aimed at building your brand through better design.

8. What’s the Wildest Thing You’ve Found in a Sewer?
Just when you thought you’ve see it all — from a shopping cart to a bowling ball — Matt Timberlake, vice president of Ted Berry Company Inc., shares his list of the five craziest items he’s recovered that will make you wonder, “How did that get in there?!?”

7. 8 Tips for Vacuum Truck Shoppers
Do you have champagne taste on a beer budget? Consider what you can — and cannot —afford when shopping for a new or used vacuum truck.

6. 3 Myths About Drain Cleaning
You’ve been in the biz for decades. You know the ins and outs of pipeline inspection equipment and understand how to go about generating new business for your company, right? Let’s put some myths to rest.

5. Watch Catastrophic 30-Inch Water Main Break Flood UCLA
Back in July, a massive water main break sent about 10 million gallons of water rushing across the UCLA campus. A few unsuspecting victims were trapped in vehicles as crews responded, while debris and mud caused extensive damage to university property, including famed Pauley Pavilion.

4. Suspect Flushes Pounds of Nails
A Twin Cities man was arrested after local law enforcement officials suspected he was the one responsible for causing thousands of dollars in damage at area businesses. Find out how the suspect was ultimately nabbed after nails were found in the sewer lines, even causing flooding at a local Starbucks.

3.  Video: Snake Nest Surprises CCTV Operators
Boo! Hiss! Watch this contractor’s CCTV footage to see firsthand what he encountered during a routine sewer pipe inspection.

2. Video: Sewer Fishing Gone Wild!
Watch as a fisherman in Katy, Texas, lands a largemouth bass by lowering his line through the holes of a storm drain manhole cover. 16-year-old Kyle Naegeli claims to have caught hundreds of fish in the sewer, even landing a 3-pound bullhead.

1. 5 Craziest Things Found in a Sewer
You’ve read Matt Timberlake’s anecdotes in “What’s the Wildest Thing You’ve Found In a Sewer,” which appears at No. 8 on this list. Our top story of 2014 reveals five more crazy things you’d never believe crews have encountered.


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