Inside the August 2013 Issue of Cleaner

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Doing the Job Right Doing the Job Right
Hands-on policy helps Tight Seal Plumbing establish a solid reputation while steadily growing its customer base.
2013 Waterblasting/Waterjet Company Directory Made to Order Made to Order
Cured-in-place lining solves a restaurant’s backup problems overnight while protecting a historic Victorian mansion.
Make More Money Make More Money
Establishing a successful CCTV inspection program takes careful planning, attention to detail and plenty of hard work.
Born Again Born Again

North American Pipeline Services delves deeper into public projects to expand its business and restore the shore

Root killer prevents intrusion inside and outside sewer pipes Root killer prevents intrusion inside and outside sewer pipes Product News - August 2013 Product News - August 2013 Waterblasting and Waterjet Cleaning and Accessories Waterblasting and Waterjet Cleaning and Accessories
Waterblasters and portable jetting systems are essential tools in a professional drain and pipe cleaning business. The right equipment can help you build profit. Check out the selection of products below to find the right waterblaster, jetter, cleaning nozzle, vacuum truck or truck accessory to help do your job safely, efficiently and effectively.
Brute Force Brute Force
Cart-mounted water jetter opens up a new market for Illinois drain cleaner while improving productivity and profits.
Saving For a Rainy Day
Ample liquid cash reserves help you weather inevitable fiscal storms and emerge with your profitability and long-term business plan in tact.
The Cost of Excavation Safety
Taking the proper precautions is the best thing for your employees and your company’s bottom line.
Cold-Weather Equipped Cold-Weather Equipped
Freedom water blaster truck draws attention with Expo debut.
Industry News - August 2013 Read more stories that impact your business at Different Sizes of Success
The drain cleaning industry presents opportunities for anyone who does good work and treats people fairly.
No-Suit Solutions
Mediation provides a private, low-cost option for resolving business disputes.