Inside the December 2009 Issue of Cleaner

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Mission Accomplished
A Philadelphia-area contractor spins off a separate company for sewer and drain cleaning and builds it up alongside his established plumbing firm
The Wanderer
Never underestimate what a talented rover can do to enhance your service, improve your technician team, and generate more revenue for your business
Rooting Out Revenue
Drain cleaning and root control form the backbone of work for Jet-O-Rooter of Syracuse, N.Y., a company looking to grow through personalized service.
2010 Expo: Worth Celebrating
30th Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International adds a new-product display, interactive floor plan, and Women in the Industry seminar to its proven mix of exhibits and education.
Wives: It’s Your Turn
What’s it like to be part of a family contracting business? Cleaner invites you to share your stories of how you contribute, and how you cope with the challenges.
Jetting by Numbers
Midwest Mobile Waterjet used its work tools to create a unique design on the walls of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minn.
Top-Flight Organization
A well-stocked truck keeps All-Pro Plumbing’s owner on task and sharp graphics keep those customer calls coming
More Profits: Month-by-Month
Here’s a one-step-at-a-time approach to improving the management of your money, your business, and your life in the new year ahead
Rip, Cut, Saw, Jet
Contractors share their preferences in jets and mechanical equipment for getting stubborn roots out of sewer laterals and mains
Root of the Problem
Chemical control is a good remedy for roots in sewer lines, but mechanical removal has its applications, too, especially for advanced problems that cause or threaten to cause severe blockages. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of tools for cutting out problem roots. Here are some of the latest offerings.
Avoiding the Flu
Here’s some advice on keeping your people from contracting flu viruses this season
All Wound Up
Spiral-wound pipe lining uses a continuous strip of plastic material to create a continuous interior surface offering a no-cure solution
Ripples and Ridges
A new bursting head coupled with pneumatic assist enables a California contractor to upsize a corrugated culvert and keep a boulevard open
EC-5 Camera Serves as Entry-Level Inspection System Industry News - December 2009
Mr. Manhole Chosen to Replace 1,033 Chimneys