Inside the April 2009 Issue of Cleaner

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Where There’s Smoke ...
The Municipal Pipe Tool Co. uses a simple testing protocol to identify sewer leaks – which often become repair business opportunities
The Contractor’s Wife
It is often the bookkeeping spouse who has the best perspective on what ails a business, and often on what it takes to set things right
Ready for Duty
Optimism pervades the exhibit hall as Pumper & Cleaner Expo attendees discover the latest technologies for pipe and drain cleaning, repair and maintenance
Being Green
It’s not so hard to do these days. And there are many good reasons, for social good and personal benefit, to lighten the load on the environment.
Perspective on Mechanical Root Cutting
I read Peter Kenter’s article, Routing Roots (Tech Perspective, Cleaner, December 2008) with great interest, and I found that I agreed with many of the comments made by David Bradford of Shamrock Pipe Tools.
Taking Inventory
Milwaukee-area drain cleaner’s trucks are integrated with inventory software to keep field technicians organized and well stocked
46 Ways to Pay Taxes
An understanding of individual state laws, good records and a big supply of antacid tablets can help you survive a sales tax audit
Dealing With Tough Floor Drain Jobs
Contracting professionals share thoughts on the proper cable configuration for reaching from drains into laterals with potential blockages
Opportunity Knocks
Contractors protecting their customers’ long-term interests find that a drain-cleaning service call often leads to more work to correct the root causes of stoppages
Know Your Enemy
It’s always worth revisiting the dangers of hydrogen sulfide, the highly toxic gas most often associated with sewer fatalities
Choosing Your Locator
Here are some tips for understanding utility locating technologies and selecting a unit to suit your everyday working conditions
Under the Gun
An emergency cured-in-place pipe repair enables a veneer mill in Oregon to pass its Department of Environmental Quality inspection
Push Camera System Built for Versatility
The VeriSight push camera system from Envirosight LLC offers drain cleaners multiple sonde frequencies, interchangeable camera heads, digital recording capability, and self-diagnostics.
Industry News - April 2009
Mr. Rooter Listed on Magazine’s Top 500 List; NASSCO Introduces Sewer Grouting Web Site; Perma-Liner Receives Keeping America Strong Award; Spartan Tool Names Nesky VP of Sales; Flexible Pipe Tool Acquires Shamrock; REHAU, DBI to Produce Municipal PVC Pipe