Hy-Flex Shares a Unique Spin on Manhole Repair Projects

Not every manhole repair project is the same. However, there are fundamental considerations that today’s contractors must consider. Safety, productivity, equipment efficiency and return on investment are essential for every job. With the help of the Hy-Flex Slinger, you’re covered!

Hy-Flex Slinger spincaster features and benefits

The Slinger is a productivity tool that allows wastewater contractors to coat manholes with spray-applied mortars, with much less entry time into the hole itself. While many contractors have used a regular spincaster, the Slinger has several unique features:

The variable-speed electric motor allows smooth speed control of the spinning plate and more torque to evenly apply thick mortars.

Its angled spinning plate has replaceable hardened blades that allow the Slinger to evenly apply material outward and upward at a 30-degree angle. This also allows material to be applied effectively under the ring and along the chimney.

The electric winch allows the Slinger to be moved smoothly and steadily to give a controlled pass each and every time.

The aluminum case construction and nylon slinging cavity allow cleanup with minimal effort.

The Slinger provides a fast ROI and improved team safety by:

Minimizing the time your team is in the hole

Decreasing hand application time for improved productivity and reduced material usage

Reducing time to coat the hole

Improving the uniformity of application without material waste

For more information, contact Hy-Flex’s knowledgeable team today or see the Slinger in action and learn more about all Hy-Flex’s wastewater equipment on the company’s website.

Hy-Flex is a leading manufacturer of pumps, mixers and sprayers. Reliable, powerful and American-made, its products can handle many jobs in various industries including wastewater, fireproofing, waterproofing, stucco/plaster, exterior insulation and finishing system, and infrastructure repair. 

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