Companies Join Forces to Offer New Recycler JetVac

Whether you are saving water and money with recycling or looking for continuous operation, the GapVax-Wiedemann Recycle JetVac is the best recycler on the market.

“Unmatched benefits of continuous cleaning — no combo can accomplish what this machine is capable of in large, high-flow, dirty lines. In fact, we would typically avoid such work with standard combos because it is a waste of time, energy and money.” That is how longtime GapVax customer, Chip McAuley, president of Fluid Waste Services, describes his recently purchased GapVax Recycle unit.

McAuley adds, “We are promoting the unit for its continuous cleaning capabilities. The recycle feature just so happens to be what makes it work.”

The GapVax-Wiedemann Recycle JetVac fits well into the company’s product line. This unit is made from quality materials. It is user friendly and easy to maintain, and it outperforms the competition.

Other benefits of the GapVax-Wiedemann Recycle JetVac unit include ultraquiet operation and quick setup with its 66 feet of suction hose, which eliminates the need to add tubes or clamps. The nine-stage recycling process cleans the water without filters. This unit is equipped with an 18-inch liquid ring vacuum system that has a nonspark design safe for sewer gases. It recycles 317 gpm and has a bigger jetter pump, which means it can be used to clean lines more thoroughly and efficiently. The boom reaches 18 feet from center with 180-degree rotation on the rear of the truck. There are 125 gallons of freshwater with pneumatic hose washdown and sink. The GapVax-Wiedemann Recycle JetVac allows for one-man operation and eliminates the drive time for water and time to fill the water tank. Its large display screen is easy to navigate for one-touch operation and troubleshooting. The job card tracks footage cleaned and hours of operation for each component. The operator can achieve up to 100% more work capacity every day through continuous operation.

More specifications on this unit include a 10 1/2-cubic-yard debris body with a 1,500-gallon stainless steel water tank. The high-pressure pump is rated up to 125 gpm at 2,175 psi. The 18-foot hydraulically powered suction boom is 12 feet retracted and 18 feet extended with a 180-degree rotation. The larger of the two high-pressure hose reels included holds 590 feet of 1 1/4-inch hose, while the smaller holds 300 feet of 1/2-inch hose. Standard features include diagnostics, water level and safety device, one-touch operations screen, wireless remote, soundproofing of pump compartment, rearview camera, central lubrication system, footage counter, cold-weather package, warning and work lights, and more. Options include a dewatering pump; an up to 3,000 psi, 125 gpm high-pressure water pump; hydraulic winch; and wireless remote with display.

In 1977, Gary Poborsky, founder of GAP Services and GapVax, established his industrial service business in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. That same year, Karl Wiedemann, founder of Wiedemann GmbH, launched the world’s first water recycling jet/vac unit in Germany. In 2016, GapVax and Wiedemann Enviro Tec joined forces to introduce the GapVax-Wiedemann Recycle JetVac, the world’s most advanced water recycling combination machine, to the North American market. Over 30 years later, GapVax continues to manufacture the best industrial vacuum equipment on the market with two locations in the U.S. and a growing dealer network.

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